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    Hello everyone,

    I'm new to the forum and love the site. I have a 80/66CC RAW MOTOR BICYCLE ENGINE KIT on a standard montain bike that I purchased just a short while ago. I ran into an issue with sticking cluch and searched on and found a resolution:bowdown:. I found that all I needed to do was push the clutch in a lil more, now the motor is complete and ready for the oil and gas mixture. I'M SOO EXCITED!!

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    Azbill when did you start production ! Lol
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    I really like living in FH,,,
    it is a small town, with the small town feel/atmosphere (and people will all say Hi),
    and all the cities are close enough for anything I can't get here

    if you ever get out this way, I am always happy to give test rides or go for a ride with another motoredbiker :)