Newbies stay away from bikeberry


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Jul 13, 2021
Have bought many parts from bikeberry over a period of 3 years and none of thoes parts are on my bike today. IF YOUR NEW TO GAS BIKES. Do not buy parts from Bikeberry. Their description always tell you that the part adds performance or low end power. ITS ALL A LIE. Even their reviews are lies. They will only post positive reviews. I know cause i have givin about 8 bad reviews and none are ever posted. So do not think the part you are buyin has a 4.5 star rating cause its bulls**t. Everything i have bought ( except the mag rims) was all junk. Did nothing for my motor and in some cases made it run worse. These are some of the parts i purchased and the ones that are a ripoff. Nt velocity stack junk, delux expansion chamber junk, bananna pipe junk, Heavy Duty 12g spoke rims junk. Exhaust x port junk. So on and so forth. You wanna buy something from bikeberry and return it. Good luck they will reply to your emails only to take up your time till your frustrated and say screw it ill keep the items. My last purchase was the delux expansion chamber this is the ad and picture that showed the exhaust. When i recieved the exhaust it was not the one in the picture. This is the one they sent me. I told customerservice about not getting the exhaust i ordered. They said it was the same the pics are just from diif angles. Now im stuck with this junk china pipe. Gonna throw it on my lawnmower now. Lmao. What do you think? Dont buy from them EVER. Screenshot_20221130-110727_Chrome.jpg20221128_204811.jpg


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Your description matches all of my transactions and interactions with them. I have outlined most of them early on in my participation on this site. Ultimately on my "not so motor ready gas tank (leaking) frame" I had to do a credit card dispute which they apparently never contested or did not satisfy the card issuer that they were right. Unfortunately all of the nickel and dime stuff I also bought in pieces added up to more than the bike so I was into them for hundreds as well before I stopped buying with my three spoke mag rims as my last and final purchase from them. I still have my first order of their "BBR Tuning" true 80cc engine kit in the box to someday put on Risky's Ride. I hope it at least performs better than the ebay 48cc $80 special I have on there now,
I hope it at least performs better than the ebay 48cc $80 special I have on there now,
I would love to see the insides on that engine after some use and abuse,. Those little engine sure seem to be solid, I put one on the Auto-Mini back in 12/19-01/20 that is still running today.
You can get all of bike berry parts on ebay. With better return policy and better reviews
Often for less since many of them offer free shipping on ebay.

The MZ Clone pipe I bought from Amazon for $31 looks nicer than the one you bought from them. That pipe isn't even the Deluxe pipe as far as I can tell just a standard clone.

The better title for this is "Stay Away from Bikeberry."
Buy it from aliexpress or chinese sites like it, dont fall for this "better quality" or "US made" crap the truth is that they're all cheap chinese motors and parts rebadged then sold for 2x the price, I bought mine from banggood 5 or 6 months ago for a good price ,starts and runs like clockwork you've just gotta break it in correctly and maintain it regularly.