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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by wheelsmith, Oct 27, 2007.

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  1. wheelsmith

    wheelsmith Guest

    reading alot about sanctions on newbies posting to soon ,,,lots of newbies maybe just put there first china engine on a bike ,,but don't under estimate where some of these guys have been ,,most fellows did something engine or bike related before coming here ,,they bring new ideas new information to the forum and tons of .car ,,motorcycle,,enginering information they gained along the way ,,,newbies are the building blocks of any hobby,,they are egar to share and learn,,,so what the new few ask a simple fuel question???,,remember your first days???,,newbies will keep coming you hope ,,a light friendly suggestion to them is a gentalmans way of lending them new learning curve skills,,,nobody knows it all ,,so limit the sanctions and open up to the knowledge these newbies might bring,,,regards newbie WHEELSMITH

  2. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest

    if you have a fuel question about the happy-time engine, use the search engine to get a ton of effective results. when you find a topic that's close to your issue, post your question there instead of starting a new topic.

    if you have a unique question that we don't already have the answer to, please DO post it.

    do you see the difference?

    new members on forums tend to go into a posting frenzy, and that's not welcome here. we're no-nonsense and expect our members to do their part to keep things tidy, sorry if it means learning something new. i figure if you want to rub elbows with these groovy guys and gals you'll put the time in.
  3. wheelsmith

    wheelsmith Guest

    ITS THE OLD JOURNEY OF A THOUSAND MILES STARTS WITH THE FIRST STEP,,,I see your point,,but to many sanctions run the free thinkers off ,,its like stopsigns out in the middle of nowhere ,,or sign that reads cliff ,,do we need them ,,,some things just are ,,,,when your new to something,,,help the new guy you might need his help on down the road ,,,,,wheelsmith
  4. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest

    well, i also see your points...but please do consider the advice i put in the welcome message, it's to the point and therefore helpful, no? it truly isn't personal, 4 guys moderate several thousand posts every month, what's wrong with demanding cooperation? also, all the stickies i advocate reading are geared towards helping a new member. we do want people to integrate comfortably, but that's a 2-way street...MBc staff are not service personnel but volunteers.

    look at things a lil more closely...i anticipated the new arrival, and put a lot of time into pointing out the water-holes, but still cannot make the forum-noob drink. like i said, tho...anyone truly interested will make the effort.

    EDIT: all this talk...noone ever sees all the moves/edits/deletes that are just part of the job, the many posts we moderate by members who simply misplaced some content. the public examples you see are a small part of the forum ops at MBc, all we're doing is weeding out the 3 or 4 out of 10 that aren't MBc material. please note we're also setup to help the public, and noone has to join anything to get that help, all they have to do is learn how to use a search engine.
  5. wheelsmith

    wheelsmith Guest

    newbies in everything hobby related are like ants at your picnic,,killing them does no good ,,they just keep coming ,,will allways be the few you have to spoon feed ,,but in the long run one friend made will make your work worthwhile,,i can allready tell you love and hate it ,,,we live with so many rules in our lives ,,to many in a hobby make it work and people loose interest fast ,,,factor in the mistakes and do the best you can ,,everybody is new at something ,,your interest and knowledge is not over looked ,,i read every thing first ,,just in defense of the newbie 16 year old that dosen;t know two stroke from 4 stroke ,,having been in the motorcycle shop bussiness for 40 years ,,i;ve learned the newbie is the whole tamalie,,without them we are done ,,so i under stand ,spent 25 years of my life answering the same questions ,i can relate to newbie questions ,,in the long run who's the victor you are ,,!! so bite your lip and forge ahead ,,its nerve wracking ,,but you have done good things,, to many rules to read make things worse,,our shop has big sign says ,,stay out ,no public beyond this point ,the bigger i make this sign ,,the harder it is for them to see ???,,they still walk in the backroom ,, wheelsmith
  6. wheelsmith

    wheelsmith Guest

    and thankyou for just that ,,the work it takes behind the scene i understand ,,the newbie will just keep coming you;ll see ,,you can;t kill um ,,and they multiply ,,you;;ll see ,,,thanks mr edit ,,,wheelsmith
  7. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest

    i think you're confusing the issue...

    the fella who's new to engines is not my concern, we WANT them to participate. he/she should post in "introduce yourself" and tell us they're new, then give us a chance to teach them the next thing.

    the forum-newbie, however, simply has to learn how to get around a forum if they wish to participate....we try to help but can only do so much. a very common weekend occurrence: new member/5 new topics/all the same thing/much ado about old news/all off-topic...there goes an hour of my time...i should be nice? hardly, because there's also 5 or 6 new members who do deserve my time but i can't spare it.

    in real life, a new guy walks in and starts interrupting, i'll be ignoring him. he starts vying for attention like a kid, i'll shut him down. if he shows some manners and intro's himself, then asks some basic questions, i'll listen politely, then point to the appropriate stack of tech-manuals. if he says he can't find the info, i'll try to teach him how to use the appendix. if he isn't trying to do for himself, i ain't doin' for him.

    maybe there's more to my goals than just collecting members and posts? read the last part of my signature...
  8. wheelsmith

    wheelsmith Guest

    I THINK, i better understand ,,i fix a lot of free stuff for kids ,young guys,,with famous last words read the instructions next time ,,allways suggest online or shop manual advice ,,some times they say ,,you tell me ,,some i do ,,if i have time ,,,,,the older i get the more i see young guys ,,who have no mentors in the shops anymore ,,,the time i spend setting young guys straight is good for the whole hobby ...and yes make them think on there feet ,,,but i don't run them off ,,,nobody has the time any more and the small shops dry up and fade away,,,, wheelsmith
  9. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest

    this isn't a's a free-for-all garage...MBc is non-profit and volunteer have to put your own tools and books away and sweep up your own butts.

    you mentioning mentoring brings up something we've been kicking around, wanna help?
  10. azbill

    azbill Active Member

    the saying
    "give a man a fish, and he will eat tonight...teach a man to fish, and he will eat everyday "
    is, I believe, what we are trying to convey
  11. wheelsmith

    wheelsmith Guest

    I THINK ,what best describes what im trying to convey ,was best said by JAY LENO,,when he started writing tech stuff for popular magizines ,,,he first went head on with the newbie subject ,,,,it went something like this ...we have become such a "CORRECT SOCIETY" the new guys coming in are afraid to ask anything ,,,he tells this story about him wanting to learn car engine basics,,one day he picked up an exhaust manifold,,,mistakenly called it an intake manifold,,,somebody said "hey dumb bell " thats exhaust manifold ,,,he said this held him back years ,,new guy afraid to make a mistake !!!,,,it wasn't untill he found some old guy taking him under his wing did he really learn ,,,now he degrees in his own cams,,,writes tech for magizines,,he swears the newbies can't learn these days for fear of making a mistake,,i see it every day .!!,,newbies go into posting frenzy,,because they want to get involved,,!! they don't want to wait a month to ask their simple basic questions ,,,i have seen shop pecking orders before ,,,sending the new kid after positive battery acid ,,muffler bearings ,,,yes there is allways the big dog ,,who holds out information and lets it out to suite his ego,,,LENO said unless we let the newbies in ,we are going to end up with a new generation of kids who don.t work on squat,,,This site is the best tech site for motored bikes,no place has as much on the subject,,let the newbies ask a few questions ,,WHEELSMITH
  12. wheelsmith

    wheelsmith Guest

  13. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest

    didn't think so...pretty typical of a complainer.

    the last post bordered on personal attack...if i'm "holding back" then why do i work so hard (harder than YOU think i should) to keep the info usable?

    i'm finished with this topic.
  14. sabrewalt

    sabrewalt Guest

    Thanks for the hard work

    I moderate a group with 1800 users. (Aviation related) It can turn into a wild shootout. I for one appreciate the hard work that the mods and admins do here....more than you know...


  15. wheelsmith

    wheelsmith Guest

    oops ,,mr augidog ,,,the reference to big dog in my leno message ,,was surley not intended to refer to you ,,,the two dogs ,,yes could see how you might think attack ,,,no no ,,please understand this was only an oberservation of shop politics ,,this site is a must have for tech info and your work is spot on,,,new comers are not your only concern i realize ,,but they do have to break in some how ,,they are the new generation of buyers,,,and small shops need the newbie ,,,we welcome them with no pecking order politics,,wheelsmith
  16. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest

    thanks for the clarification... :)

    you have to believe me, i always worry about how to juggle my responsibilities...the new member is important, but the integrity of the info is every bit as important...

    i've just started a major-restructuring, the clubhouse can get as messy as you all can tolerate, i'll try to not sweat it too much beyond content.

    but, you all better be on the ball with the garage area, that's where i'm going to focus my work from now on...

  17. I know this is an old post, however I just read it. I have gotten a lot from this forum & wanted to give something back. I just wanted to let you know if you need any volunteers for anything I would like to do what I can! Thanks, Dan
  18. Scottm

    Scottm Guest

    When i came to MBc as a noob. I knew nothing about bikes and enough about small engines to keep my lawnmower running. NO ONE here has ever talked down to me due to my lack of knowledge. I have always felt supported and encouraged. When Augi helped re build my engine, he named parts that I never heard of and tolerated my lackof knowledge and educated me a great deal.
    Once again I can not say thanks to MBc enough.
  19. This website has been the BEST and for that matter the ONLY source for tech/mech help and simple crying shoulder assistance (because your wife won't really understand why you're upset that your engine won't turn over).

    Allowing a newcomer to the forum to just post whatever question they want without regard for forum policy causes multiple posts that nobody will ever read and also results in a whole lot of SPAM messages and junk that none of us need to see. The forum is as neat and tidy as it is with plenty of new stuff to look at every day because of these policies.