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    I decided it was time to get in the loop and learn some new things here. I have rode almost every kind of motorcycle I could get my hands on and then someone thought that these fun rides should be created. I love old Harleys and then I stumble onto this site and I am seeing pics of motorized bicycles that look much like what the folks at Harley Davidson made in the last century. Kudos big time the builders of those fine machines. I have a Wal Mart special Chinese Schwinn that is about to be transfomed into some form of a 49 CC Harley look alike and I am going to need some help finding a tank maker that can give me an idea or two on how to fabricate a set of tanks that appear much like a set of tANKS THAT MAY HAVE A SIMILAR APPEARANCE TO THE TANKS ON A 45 FLATHEAD or a big twin. I think the tanks will compliment the repop springer front end I saw on one site, originally made in 1952. My bike looks something like the one in the Hardy Bikes add. I would like for it to resemble a 52 Pan Head or a 45 Flathead. Some of you folks may be familiar with old Harley's and may be able to point me in the right direction. This will be a daily rider so I need the bigger tanks for this reason. I am also looking for lights too. Phoenix cops frown on dim lights for some reason on the front of the bike. I want to ride and not be in trouble so I can not ride.
    Ride safe folks


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    Welcome to the forum. The kit tanks remind me of a Cushman, but I can see the resemblance to a flatty tank.
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    Thanks for the welcome. I may end up having one of my Harley ridin friends with a shop here in Phoenix help me cut up a set of fat bobs to fit on my bike. That stock tank needs a styling change but it will work till a suitable set of tanks are built. I have thought about using a 1 1/2 gallon sportster tank. If anyone has a set of Axe tanks from the 60's laying around that would be a perfect fit. most of those held around a gallon and 1/2 and sometimes 2 gallons depending on who built them. For those of you that do not know what axe tanks are, they were usually a set of stock Harley fat tanks cut up and welded together tomake a type of single tank with a deep tunnel. They were really popular with some motor cycle clubs in the 60s. The only problem was that they were not big enough for long runs. You usually only got about 60 miles or so if you were lucky. This type of tank would work great on this type of machine because 49 cc engines use less gas than a 74 inch or bigger Harley engine and they look cool too. I think a set will fit my bike fine I hope.
    The idea I am looking for is late 40s or early 1950s bobber style. I plan on doing some of old Harley parts to get the look. The fenders will be a bit of a challenge but with the help of a few swap meets I may find what I need. I hope. I may have to fabricate something here unless there is someone already makin them.
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    welcome from FH :)
    if you ever get out this way,,,I am always up for a ride !!! ;)
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    Hi Ray, KC in Glendale here.
    You using 49cc 4 stroke?