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    Hellow everyone my name is Pat(male)& thanks you for your welcome . I was happy to read to rules of this group and will abide no probs .I have owned a schwinn alloy 7 i brought some years ago but still in prime order.I want to put a motor in it but firstly wish to sort out the bike first .As i am ol school 47 years young and love all thing that look cool & classic i own a 59 vw bug low & slow, roof rack ect. I not what you would call a gun on the computor so please try to put up with me.(attaching pics ect) I did some searching on this forum (schwinn alloy 7 )and found out that due to the lenght of my steering top tube aprox 7& 1/4 fitting a set of springer folks may be an issue.Without springers i think i would have to sell this bike and buy another as i have the end result in mind. So did some searching on ebay usa and found zoom fork adaptor under( http mm-1-fork-to 28-6 mm -1-1-8 threadl ) its made to change a threaded fork into a threadless but it may give the extra height needed. I dont know if this would work but if it dose others with alloy 7 bikes may wish to run springers as well Any way thanks again for the welcome.

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    Hi and welcome :) You're in good company here, many Aussies as I'm sure you know haunt these boards. Some even know what their talking about:whistling: (j/k)

    Don't know about your bike but the springer front is on my agenda in the future. I think I might have an old frame it would fit.
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    The guys here say pick a bike and motor combo that fits each other.
    Meaning the motor mounts to frame fit is something to keep in mind to save frustration later.
    Look up on the legality section also to see what is OK where you are too.
    And Welcome to Motoredbikes!
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    Welcome to the group and yes there is a wealth of knowlege here.

    Cheers BJ
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    Welcome fellow Aussie.