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    Hi everyone, I have just completed my first build and am enjoying riding my 80cc Schwin that I call my Hardly Davidson. I have done about 30mph according to the digital speedometer I installed. I am having a few small issues with the clutch lever but should have that sorted out soon.
    I have posted a few pictures of it and would appreciate any comments.

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    Welcome to the forum. That's a nice build.
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    Nice the name. That's what I called my first HT also....even made a denim jacket with Hardly Davidson on it.

    As a home builder, I am curious about the drain spout in your first photo...........:devilish:
  4. char_57

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    Thanks for the comment on the Hardly Davidson. It now has 29 miles on it and runa great. The engine is from

    The drain spout is just the rain gutter on our house. It was there when we got the house.

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