Newby, hand built '27 mack C cab flatbed

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    I just discovered y'all. I have been building my own bike for nearly a year. Two years ago I decided to ride a bike to get exercise. A few months later I had a stroke and lost some of my balance. I decided To buy a recumbant 3 wheeler and after checking prices I decided I would build my own. My first career was a Plumber and I thought would destroy the 2 new comfort bikes I had and using pipe, build a 4 wheel velocipede. The stroke made it difficult to use my left arm so I thought it would be easier to build with PVC pipe. Being an engineer I designed a PVC frame that I later discovered was similar to a Rhoades car with some exceptions. I decided to reinforce the lower frame rail with steel pipe inserts.

    Living in west central Texas we are occasioned with inclement weather. Not to mention that my ego was hurt because my love of cars was now hindered so I decided it needed to be enclosed. I always loved building cars so I decided on a C cab flatbed truck modeled after a '27 Mack. The obvious cab was a "woody". I wanted to make it unique and roadworthy for cruising so I planned on installing stereo, turn indicators, lighting, an ahooga horn, storage, and lots more, with the added weight, about 200 pounds, the 21 speed derailleur is not enough so I installed a 110cc with electric start, automatic and reverse.

    In my research I have discovered a source for PVC colored sheets to build the body panels that can be glued to the frame and is available in many colors. My son and son in laws decided they would like one so I have designed a fr8liner like an 18 wheeler complete with trailer, a hummer and a VW bus. They will follow my completed flatbed.

    I have been assembling as money is available so it was slow until recently when I was asked to bring what I have completed to a rod and custom show. I am applying for patents and designing as I build so my costs are fluctuating. In an effort to get backing I am assembling in preparation for the car show and not being able to purchase the PVC sheeting I made the flat body panels out of 1/4" plywood and painted it purple. The "woody" cab is 1/4" inserts and 1/2" frame. The 4'x4' bed is 3/8"osb sub w/interlocking hardwood floor. The overall length is 10'6" x 4' wide and height is 6'3". I am installing LED lighting in purple. I have made a custom contoured bench buckets with console. Dash and console are stained wood and a vinyl snap on convertible top matches the black vinyl seats w/purple spandex inserts. and padded armrest. I had a Grant steering wheel but decided to build a PVC wheel. I cut a 3/4" section from the end of a 8" pipe, hand made a PVC spoked insert, wrapped with foam pipe insulation and made a purple spandex cover. Because my wife gets cold easily even in the moderate TX climate, I installed a 12v heater under the console.

    The Mack mascot as you may know is a Bulldog, I am calling my truck a Chmack and using a Chihuahua. I plan on taking several photos tomorrow of my progress so far. I welcome questions and suggestions.
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    Welcome aboard.

    You have some interesting projects going on...... I can't wait to see some pictures.
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    I am attaching photos of Chmack.

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    VERY COOL Bro, Is it street legal in Texas?
    I saw the Rhoades car a few years ago and have been thinking of building a three wheel version of one of those. Three wheeled because it would be street legal in California with a 49cc engine. And you came up with the same idea I had with the steel pipe inserts. A little heavier but a lot more solid construction.
    Anyway, GREAT JOB. Keep us updated on your progress.
    Big Red.
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    I like your bike truck. I am excited to see the finished build.
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    Chmack truck

    Thanks y'all, I have worked hard on it. My stroke has made it difficult to do a lot that should come natural. It makes it frustrating at times. But I keep pushing it and hop to be riding next month.

    There is a small car show here in Abilene in 3 weeks and I will have it there. Then in April there is a sanctioned show here. I plan on being complete by then.

    My son in law in Dallas is an avid cyclist and I was hoping to be able to bring it and attend his rides. I do plan to ride it in a cycle event this summer from Abilene to San Antonio about 250 miles. I hope to market them and hire someone to assist in building them for resale using both electric and smaller gas engines to meet different vehicle laws. My ChMack meets requirements for a slow moving vehicle in Texas and can be made able to license.

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    If your son in Dallas likes motor bicycles, he can join our Dallas MB Ride and Pizza event.