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    intro to me

    Hi my name is kartpipes(Greg) I live in the Dandenong Ranges out of Melbourne in a place called Belgrave and love all things two-stroke
    I am almost 70 yrs and have a w'shop that I try to live in ,but my wife objects to that!
    my idea of a good day is building a new pipe for the twoey
    love the motored bike have one and some 19 engines , - I collect them also have aspergers syndrome
    that's why I collect them haha!:devilish:
    anybody else out there that can build a pipe? wanna talk?:whistling:

  2. kartpipes

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    hi my name is Kartpipes well that is what I do because I am retired and spent most of my time in my "black hole" - the workshop where I can while away many many hours building pipes:devilish::devilish: for twoeys
    just lve the twoey I have about 19 of them and still collecting !
  3. Fabian

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    Hi Greg,

    Can you please send me your email address in a "private message" and i'll get back to you on building pipes.

  4. kartpipes

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  5. kartpipes

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    just sent another message to you and apparently you don't exist???
    it returned with errors?
  6. kartpipes

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    Hi Fabian yet another
    give me a ring 0405111324 or 03 97542291
  7. bluegoatwoods

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    Hi Kartpipes and welcome.

    You'll have fun.

    And from what I know of Fabian (not all that much yet) you'll have fun talking to him.

    He is a bike (and maybe more) engineer with a capital 'E'.
  8. kartpipes

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    thank you for the welcome Fabian, - we are going to have a meet this weekend
  9. kartpipes

    kartpipes New Member

    anybody else from Melbourne?