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    Hello, I just joined and have been wanting to build a bicycle with a motor but want to make sure I don't buy junk. There are some rather cheap ones on Ebay but which one would you go with? I am not so concerned about getting the least expensive bc I don't want to run into problems with it> Any help?

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    Nice they lowered their price. Still overpriced in my opinion ;) Did I mention overrated? :p
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    I like mine, runs 2x better than all my other motors..... One of my old motors had a expansion chamber too lol

    Everything on the grubee is better even if you didn't have a good running one, all the hardware, gas tank was bigger, and the sprocket that came with my kit was actually a 48 tooth..... The grubee is better balenced (less vibrations) everything is just better quality. I'd rather have something that will hold up than something that won't.
    You can put lipstick on a pig (AKA eBay motors) but it's still going to be a pig. A good foundation is the making for some bad powerplants;)
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    And actually that's another website than the one I thought you ordered yours from (I thought you ordered from the same company I did)
    This is where I ordered mine but the price has gone up since then, significantly I might add lol
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    The first link was to another company KCvale has recommended to me.... They actually are already selling the 2016 Grubee which is supposed to be even more balenced, and some other improvements that I don't really remember what they are
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    My atypical experience with the GT5A may be a fluke but I'm cautious now of the hype that goes along with the "Skyhawk" brand.

    Yeah I got mine from MB but I checked out bicycle-engines prior to making a purchase and they were like $169 or $189 at the time. I got mine off MB for $144 before they jacked up their price.
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    Yeah the price on is a sale price. $40.00 off with free shipping.

    I bought one. If this one acts like the one I have now.. I will never buy another. I probably got a lemon the first go around. Though that seems uncommon, it's just my luck. Once I get the new one I'll tear the top end off the one I have now. It's got a knocking. It's just never been right since day one.

    Wish me luck on the new one.