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  1. Atudge

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    Hi guys my names Alex and im from Manchester England..Its fair to say we dont have many motored bikes in our area but that doesnt stop me from having a keen interest.Im a bit of a whizz with honda 2 and 4 stroke engines so I feel I could contribute to the website on a technical side.

    I currently have poissesion of a gxh50 which im trying to get some fuel issues with it cutting out after a 10secs of running..possible oil sensor,carb etc A problem ive never reall had with the 50's before but always up for a challenge...please pst some possibly ideas I could try or help me to post in the right area if ive made an error

    Where are the majority of you guys from...califronia,aus etc??

    p.s. whats you local temperature..we were on -4degress celcius this morning!!

    thanks Alex:goofy:

  2. Dilly Bar Rob

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    Welcome Alex!

    Most members are probably from north America, seems to be a lot of Aussies on here as well. Saying that we have at least 1 member in every country might be pushing it, but I'd imagine that we're pretty close to that :)

    Local weather here (Clearwater BC, Canada) has been unexpectedly mild this year, right now the temperature is hovering above 0 (celsius), it's raining and the 2 feet of snow we got are almost gone, compared to the average winter where we would have 5-6 feet of snow and like -15 to -20 this time of year. Oh well, I'm not complaining (I work outside most of the time...).
  3. professor

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    It looks like Cal. has the most members, the best weather and fair motoredbike laws, so it kind of figures.
    Is zero c. freezing?
    I always thought we got cheated here in N.Y.- we are south of England and you guys are a lot warmer than here in the winter (when our air comes down from the Canadian north).
  4. Atudge

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    Its funny isnt it how countries such as canada arent suffering from as much snow this year where as us here in merry old england are getting a beating with up to 6feet of snow in the southern parts of England.

    California kind of figures with the weather etc...visited california twice and I must say big fan of the orange juice! random but true..

    I find these bikes so cool Id love to produce a real cool low chopper with one of these as a sort of orange county chopper gimic,maybe produce a scaled down version of one of there bikes.

    Where do I post for a little help needed on a four stroke I have (gxh50)?Is there a techincal area?

    thanks guys
  5. professor

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    Sure, there is a four stroke section.
    I was mentioning to my son about a chopper bike one time (might have been an OCC bike) and he said,"Did you ever ride one? They aren't very comfortable with your legs and arms out". So ride one first, to see if it's OK.
  6. Atudge

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    yeee I can only imagine theyd not be the comfyest of rides,but then I guess neither are the real thing.Almost all the choppers occ make have a hard tail...thats got to be bone crunching.But for as a type of gimic and mainly aimed at younger folk a motored chopper bicycle has got to be the coolest thing to have on your birthday.

    Has anyone tried and tested such a thing on here?
  7. professor

    professor Active Member

    There are guys with chopper style motorbikes here but you will have to do a searh unless they chime in.
    You could do a post with any question you might have.
  8. postysteve

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    Hi Atudge

    I'm just up the road from you in Bradford West Yorkshire, i have a 48cc & a 80cc 2 Stroke engine bikes, i have also a 49cc 4 stroke chinese copy of the honda which i've just replaced the clutch plate, i have a sick bikes kit on the 48cc bike but i'm gunna take engine off and put the 80cc on with the sb kit for more power for going up the hills here in bradford, then i'm going to put my 49cc 4 stroke engine back on my 80cc bike as this fly's up the hills even with my little trailer on as the 80cc lacks that little punch to get up the hills with the trailer.

    anyway welcome to there is not only US/AUS on here ?

    1 or 2 from UK Too !!