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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by fleebell, May 24, 2011.

  1. fleebell

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    I've just got done installing a HF 2.5 on my recumbent trike.

    So far this trike has had 4 electric motors and this is the third engine it's had installed on it. (yea I like to experiment) The first one was a 49cc pocket bike engine that worked well but I kept having to buy new carbs for it as the alcohol in the gas was eating the primer bulbs.

    The second was a 66cc Grubee Skyhawk engine that turned out to be too hard for me to pedal start (I have a bad leg). That one was sold to a neighbor and he really likes it.

    So now I'm going with the hf that has a nice easy pull starter. I bet it's the only one around that has a freewheel thread on the engine clutch too. I wanted to be able to play with gear ratios a little bit so I cut off the original teeth and brazed on a bottom bracket bearing retainer.

    Lee B

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    Welcome to MBc, Lee. Be sure to read the Forum rules at the start of this thread, as well as the Stickies at the top. I ride a delta trike, w/Subaru-Robin EH035 engine w/ Staton Gear Box. It runs fantastic. I swapped the lightweight alum. wheels (20") for 2 Skyway Composite 24" wheels in back, w/nubby tires, and 'bullet proof' tubes. In SW FL all of the shoulders are 'sugar sand' and it is very easy to get unbelievably stuck. Anyway, it is very nice to have you as a member of the MBc. Good luck.
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    Howdy neighbor, I'm up in Morehead City. :)

    Won't the police give you grief about the oversized motor? My neighbor works at a motorcycle shop and tells me horror stories of cops arresting moped that go over 30 mph etc. Kind of makes me want to avoid messing with them (plus I have neighbor who's a police officer).
  4. fleebell

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    I guess we think alike there. I have the same brand in 20" wheels on the front of my trike, nubby tires and no-flats foam rubber tubes in it. I like those whees, they are tough!
  5. fleebell

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    Ahh, but speed is the key, This one won't go over 25 once I get done with swapping out one of the jack shaft gears. It will be geared for trailer pulling power and not speed. I rarely go over 15-20 mph anyway. I've reached that point in life where I don't go anywhere in a hurry anymore.. I doubt I will ever have a problem due to that. Most of local police guys that have seen it have also wanted to try riding it and liked it. Not one of them has ever give me any grief over my engines or motors on them. Recumbent tadpole trikes are a bit of a rarity here. I only seen 3 other ones around this area and I'm the one who built and sold 2 of them!

  6. fleebell

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    sounds like a good idea to me... Lee