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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by davidstipek, Apr 14, 2009.

  1. davidstipek

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    Hey everyone

    Yes, I'm the newest member. If you research my bio you'll understand the "Old Timer" bit:cool2:

    I am Semi Retired living in Thailand. Home's in Chiang Mai and Bangkok. We have alot of Bicycle's here. Then we have about 300% more Motor Cycles. In America we call them Moped's but they have named them:grin5:

    I am building a Chopper, bike is from China with a 80cc Flying Horse Motor for assist. This is a Test build as we are opening a totally new market. Converting 95% of all Thai Bicycle's by the year 2012. In doing so we are trying to lower emissions Downtown Bangkok.

    Wish me luck and I will be posting alot of pictures. Yes the Super High has Mounted (Motorcycle) Cops. For those of you wondering yes we are staying safe...out of Downtown right now:evilgrin:

    I will be asking alot of questions, so when you can jump right in and grab a wrench...

    If anyone wants picture's of Thailand, just ask...remember we have youngens in the room also so use care


  2. bamabikeguy

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    And how pot-holey are the roads in Thailand? The reason I ask is success may depend on the wheels and tubes standing up to the test......
  3. davidstipek

    davidstipek Member

    haha I think after walking from Bangkok to Chiang Mai (a 6 1/2 day ordeal) better then those in Ohio or Washington State There are a few exceptions but Very Few
  4. Pablo

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    Not really the prying type.....

    Do tell us more on how to do this research.
  5. davidstipek

    davidstipek Member

    Oh well...if you had looked at my profile you would have seen that I was probably driving a car when Kennedy was shot in Dallas.

    But I appreaciate you not lookin...chuckle...
  6. Pablo

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    Dude - I'm 51. If 61 is old, then....well then just stop scaring me!:grin5:
  7. duivendyk

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    Welcome to this Forum,hearing from people in SE Asia is interesting.Improving air quality in Bangkok would be a worthwhile endeavor,but getting people off one kind of 2 stroke and on smaller ones,might not do all that much good.Converting to less polluting 4 stroke twowheelers would really help, I think.