Newest project- Staton 43 cc chain drive (and hiding a rack-mount)



i always forget to take before pictures so i thought not this time!free....mid 90s kuwaharra 28 sp?v brakes big frame very strong.bad airbrush the bike gets stripped and painted and assembled with staton inc 43cc 2 stroke chain excited but im house painting,and working at the motorcycle shop but this is priority 1!so its gonna happen pretty fast.ill keep yooz posted. -update!im gonna try to make a free webpage to show the whole process its gonna be rediculous doing it on the board,ive even took the pedals apart for cleaning and greasing dont want no rolling resistance eh!so im learning about websites.and will try to do it in order.i cant get over kuwaharra bikes the controls and gears are very well made.this bike had serial numbers on everything must have been expensive in its day!check out the beefy staton axle i could outfit one to use on the dax kits hhhhmmmm.



















motor bicycle project

havin a heck of a time lacing up a proper wheel,got 2 done then put them on my mntn bike and they went out of true.ive done hundreds of motorcycle wheels im at a loss guess ill have to take a hit to the ego and get the bicycle shop to true one up taking pics of everything im thinkin im gonna have to build a web page or just smallen the whole thing to show the site whats involved with this kinda would be iesier if i wasnt a mechanic i like things right .
8) beast, how's your Mitsubishi engine project coming along?

i ordered that same kit from David Staton to replace the ROBIN engine friction drive on my DAHON bike. i like your narrowed milk crate; might use that or a basket to safeguard my engine. since those crates stack atop each other, did you make a closing top lid from the bottom of another crate?
is that an electric hub motor and battery pack on your bike?

so, beast...would you call your bike a hybrid? looks like you have 3 modes of power....nice looking design. I like it.
keep us posted on your staton chain drive.

im not sure what to call it yet?the 600 watt 36 volt 2.5 hp 2stroke madhouse haha.i tried keeping it to look like a bicycle all the way dont wanna deal with the cops around here,just shut off motor turn electric throttle and go by silently,i might get a buddy electrician to modify my controller to put power back into battery,but i think its already doing very new to the whole ebike setup and im learning alot,just cant answer any upcharge of voltage yet but i thought my batterries were lower than i thought using my gas motor 80% of the voyage then checked them after a 18 mile ride and it looks like they came back up a bit?i keep rippin it apart and putting it back together its gonna be a long build but im really enjoying my new 2 stroke it has gobs of power,i took off with the motors both on half throttle and it felt like a 4 wheel drive! im thinkin it weighs 100 lbs but ill have to stand on a scale and then lift up bike.i used alot of light aluminum for weight feels quite good on the road i spent alot of time getting the weight distrubution perfect i moved the gas motor 6 times and had to redrill everything and its quite a job.but lots of fun,my plastic milk carton is amazing noone knows theres a motor on back i have rear panniers on also.i have gobs of photos and tried a new website but you can only download so many photos ,so ill figure it out eventually!ride safe.
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i have some pics but cant edit my message anymore?plus i put stars beside my message i dont want them there ooopps


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im havin problems

hope i figure them out.i had to type somethin or i couldnt post.


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Looks like you have a Suntour "power" shifter for the derailleur. I love those things, use several, think they're the best gear shifter ever made.