Newguy here in Ohio,Hiya folks!



Hi: I am Ron here in Montville Ohio which is in Geauga county. I purchased a bicycle engine kit off of Ebay with hopes of motorizing my old Huffy coaster brake bicycle which I rode back and forth in junior high and part of high school many years ago. I graduated in 1975 so you do the math. After a test fit of the engine and a trial run of installing the sprocket on the rear wheel,I realized that the conversion on this bike was darn near impossible. Unless you are a machinist! So off to the back shed and I found an old Roadmaster mountain bike that my son used quite a few years ago. I found that the engine would fit but the front engine mount would have to be modified somehow. I search ebay and came across a device called a framesaver engine mount. I scored it for 4 bucks. It put my project on hold for a week and a half as I waited on the shipping. When it arrived it was the answer to my front engine mount woes and worked perfectly! The next step was to wrestle with the rear wheel sprocket installation. 45 minutes later that was done! See the pic for the finished product


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the next sprocket-install will go much takes a while to figure out how to get in there with our big ol' hands :rolleyes:

a nice intro...and a nice roadmaster :)

welcome to MBc :cool:


I'm interested in any thoughts you have about frame mounting american flathead motors?


ALRIGHT Another 50 + year old!. Hooked up a scrubber kit to a 1992 model Cannondale that had not been rode in years. I have riden more in the last two months than I have in 10 years. Welcome to MBc from the Giant Side of Texas