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    Hi everyone, I'm Alex, I live down here in Fort Lauderdale, South Florida, I've learned a lot on this site since I joined back in august of 2009, I love these little engines, I still have to install it on my Schwinn Point Beach that right after UPS delivered it, I opened the box and proceeded to fully disassemble it, so I can strip the flawless new paint and repaint it! So far I'm leaning to finishing it with Truck Bed Liner Spray, giving it a ruff look! I also tossed the front stock fork and I am going to replace it with a Springer Fork. I also purchased a CNS Carburetor and I am hoping to get a ported head from 210061741 aka Rich for it. I've also replaced all the cheap Chinese bolts on the little engine with higher quality socket head bolts. Tossed out the one piece Bottom Bracket and will replace it with a better standard 3 piece unit. I've purchased lots of upgrade parts and have had great help from PIRATE CYCLES, Sick Bike Parts and Jim from Creative Engineering, Thank you all! I've even got two friends of mine hooked and in the process of doing the same work with their build! Well, Thanks for this great site and I hope to share my new ride with you all once it's built and ready to run!
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    Apparently no one welcomed you last year, so I will. WELCOME to Motoredbikes!