NEXT Mountain Ridge Full Suspension Friction

Discussion in 'Photos & Bicycle Builds' started by SirJakesus, Sep 15, 2008.

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  1. SirJakesus

    SirJakesus Guest

    Since my XR75 is pretty much complete and as reliable as I could ever wish for I was getting bored and decided to build another bike.
    I had a Staton Friction kit that was still new in the box for a few months since I hadn't had the chance to install it on the little ladies bike and it was just screaming at me whenever I walked by it. So I bought a NEXT Mountain Ridge full suspension MTB with front disc to throw it on. My focus on this build is going to be simplicity and light weight since my other bike is a tank and I don't trust my trunk rack to bring it anywhere. I plan on taking this one around with me for fun and hopefully so I can get some people test riding and buying some. She's a really fun ride.

    I'm probably going to paint the staton mounting hardware thats currently silver to black to match the rest of the swingarm and rack. I have it mounted in much the same way as I did on the XR75. Figured if it works why re-engineer it. I just mounted a couple 4 watt luxeon flashlights under the handlebar but haven't taken a picture of that yet.

    Oh yeah, I'm running Continental Town & Country 26x2.1 with slime tubes. They make for a great ride so far.

    Hope you enjoy the pix! More to come as soon as I work on it some more.

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  2. terrence

    terrence Member

    Hey SirJakesus I have that exact bike with the R/S 35 GEBE set up. I love the ride. The
    front fork would bottom out when it was brand new but for some reason it tightened up after a hundred miles. Enjoy...terrence
  3. beast775

    beast775 Guest

    nice clean build

    that looks store bought.i liked my friction drive.i think there great,i live in monsoon territory 7 mnths of the year.and to many tires and clutches.but nice bike .:grin:
  4. SirJakesus

    SirJakesus Guest

    The only thing I'm not keen on for the bike itself is the lack of bottle mounts. It seems like a nice bike otherwise though so I'm pleased with it. We'll see how she treats me when it's got some more miles though. I rarely if ever ride when it rains so slippage shouldn't be a problem. Tires are really easy to change anyway.

    Good to know the Gebe ring will fit... never know what the future may hold.
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  5. terrence

    terrence Member

    NO!... sorry to say I had to modify (widen) the rear frame where the frame "bow's
    in" at the brake caliper area. This is a huge problem with the GEBE set ups on
    a lot of new bike styles. (the frame narrows at the caliper area not allowing the ring to fit)
    I had to pound a 4.5" wood wedge between the frame to spread it, then put the
    axle area into a big vise to squish the axle section back to orig width. (with the wedge still in)
    Then re adjust the brake calipers to the rim. Worked great and everything realigned perfect.
    I showed where on your bike photo below.

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  6. SirJakesus

    SirJakesus Guest

    Ouch, What a pain in the arse. I guess I'll stay away from the GEBE then. I dont like modifying frames. Glad to hear you got it to work though.
  7. ozzyu812

    ozzyu812 Member

    Free XR-250

    Hey Jake,
    Do you want my old XR-250, minus the crankset, RapidFire shifters and dérailleurs? It has some rust on the forks and fasteners. It has a front disc brake, although the rim its trashed, kept it for the disc on it. It has a 4-link rear suspension. I think its possible to put a stratton on it. The guy with a new XR-250 did it. Its a couple of years old. It doesn't look like the current model. I like the looks of it better actually. The frame tube are round and elliptical with a faux engine turning effect. I don't have any pics at the moment, I had to do a emergency reformat and the bike is in storage right now. All I want in return is to put a few miles on your XR-75.

    I hated my suspension Next bike (cheaper model than yours). No matter how much I tightened the spring it was still too soft.
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  8. SirJakesus

    SirJakesus Guest

    The suspension on this one feels rather firm and I don't fee anything bottoming out when I ride over rather substantial bumps.
    I would have to get a trailer hitch and a hitch mounted bike rack to load my xr75 onto the back of my car. The NuVinci kit makes it a fairly heavy bike but it would probably feel similar to the weight on the back of your Trailz. In all honesty I like this bike a little better the 75 in some ways. It's a lot lighter and handles better for one, It sounds much quieter for some reason and I can take it with me on the cars trunk rack. It does require a lot of pedaling up the steep hills though since I have the 1.375in roller installed.
    I honestly have enough parts although trigger shifters are the bawls ;)

    Here are a few updated pics for y'all to enjoy. I bought these Element 4 watt Luxeon K2 LED flashlights in a 2 pack at Sam's club for $28 and attached them to the handlebar using some pipe clamps and electrical tape to reduce slippage and destroying the paint. These things put out 150 lumens a piece and should get 20 hours runtime out of 3 AAA batteries a piece. I went for a night ride with them last night and they let me see very well even when it was pitch dark around here. Very lightweight, good on batteries and the bulbs never need to be changed. Definitely recommended MB lighting for anybody interested.
    The picture I took with the beams directly at the camera was taken during the day and it forced the auto exposure on the camera to dim the background so everything else in the picture is rather dark. Very concentrated beams with good floodlighting to boot. They look cool too!

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  9. ozzyu812

    ozzyu812 Member

    I was thinking of goin down to you actually. We have the hitch bike rack. my brother in law lives in Amherst. The wife could visit them while we play.
    If you don't want it I'll save it for a Cyclone.
  10. SirJakesus

    SirJakesus Guest

    I'd be down with chillin' and tooling with bikes. Only problem is what bikes to bring!?! :)
    I have too many already so it's best if you keep it especially if you like it and it'll go to good use. I could make the trip on the XR or drive the car and tow the ezip and NEXT.

    Aren't you due to get your credentials back relatively soon? Full suspension gassers are a blast and a half. That way you'd have an electric for silent running and a carbon burner for adrenaline rides.
  11. astring

    astring Member

    big bad Serfac Drifter tires (great choice).
  12. ozzyu812

    ozzyu812 Member

    The DL thing has taken a back seat to house hunting. When the e-zip mods are done. It will be quite quick. I'm goin' to put a HT on el cheapo as a "plan B" bike to get to work and so my wife can try out. She wants scooter, but I want her to try a MB 1st.
  13. sparky

    sparky Active Member

    I must buy some of those. Wish I woulda seen 'em a couple months ago.
  14. Happy Valley

    Happy Valley Active Member


    I'm looking at doing something similar for a bike I picked up for my wife and the seatstays are low.

    Can you tell me a bit about the extensions you used off the U bracket? Were these something you made and if so how'd you go about fitting them?

  15. SirJakesus

    SirJakesus Guest

    They sell them on statons website. They sell a 5in extension bracket and an 8in. Due to the fact that the frame is very low on the rear end of most dual suspension frames the 8in worked very well for me on both of my bikes. The 5in will probably be better for a hardtail bike. Best way to tell is to hook the U bracket where you want it then position the engine where it'll best suit your needs and measure to see how long an extension you need.
    You could easily make some of these yourself with stock flat bar steel and some large bolts, locknuts and washers. Given that statons stuff is all zinc plated and made to exact measurements at a reasonable price I would buy from him if his sizes will work for you. I wouldn't doubt if he would do some custom length if you called him up and asked.
    On the XR75 I took the time to grind and paint the u bracket and extensions so they didn't have the sharp edges that makes them look chunkier. I'm saving that for the winter when I have plenty of time to try to keep from going stir crazy.
    As you always say... RIDE THAT THING!
  16. mechcd

    mechcd Member

    Is that a Fiero GT i see in the background in NMR9?

    The bike is looking good! I like the lights
  17. SirJakesus

    SirJakesus Guest

    Yep. It's my project car but it's currently suffering from timing problems. It's a fun ride though, handles great and they're almost non-existent around here. It has just over 100k miles on it.
  18. jg767

    jg767 Member

    serfas drifter tires

    Thanks for the tip, I bought a pair from R.E.I. and haven't had a flat in 2000 miles, they're a great ride, heavy duty sidewalls, I love them, Thanks again,
  19. SirJakesus

    SirJakesus Guest

    Fully Functional but still unfinished

    Hey guys, the weather has been nasty around here for days so I figured I would get my bike up to riding condition and take some pictures in the much awaited sunshine.

    I still have to cover the extension on the channel for looks and to ward off road spray. All lighting is LED supplied by a 14.8v 6350ma LiPo battery with BMS. The battery and wire harness are located in the in-frame bag which fit better than I could have ever hoped for. Everything works: Tail, brake, plate, directional and horn. The headlights are supplied by their own internal rechargeable batteries for the time being until I modify them to use the main battery. I'll probably keep their internal batteries usable for the unlikely event that my main starts to run low.
    I still plan on getting a small messenger or laptop bag for the right side of the friction channel for hauling gear and some extra fuel.
    The quad headlight is darn bright and I expect to be able to run flat out 30mph in total darkness if I choose, they have ample throw.
    The wheels are outfitted with 4 monkeylectrics. A bit overkill and somewhat unnecessary BUT they look awesome and I'll be fully visible at night to the people in the 4 wheeled killing machines that speed around here all the time. I figure if I set them on yellow/orange color settings for main roads and maintain slow pattern changes it shouldn't tweak law enforcement out.

    Tell me what you guys think, or ask any questions... I'm always welcome to suggestions. I'll be posting some more pix showing how this thing really lights up everything around it at night. Very fun to have all lights blazing in the pitch darkness of the New Hampshire sticks.

    Thanks for viewing!

    I hope you love it 5-7!!! Little underpowered for you with just ONE TLE43 though :grin5:

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  20. nhfembiker

    nhfembiker New Member

    That is a SWEET bike... the pictures are making me drool :tt1: