Next SoCal Race is going to be on Sat Sept 24th.

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  1. strotter

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    The next SoCal Race is going to be on Sat Sept 24th.

    I am putting the date out there to give lots of notice and
    to get some feedback.

    The Willow Springs Race was such a success that we are doing
    another race in Southern California.

    I hope that all of you that had so much fun will come back and
    do it again and those that missed it won't make that same mistake. lol

    I made a deal today and will be announcing more details soon.
    Stay tuned....

  2. strotter

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    Be on the look out for a new class. 50cc or less. 5 people already signed up for this class.

    Anybody else out there with a 50cc motor worried about embarrassing yourself on the track....... This is the class for you. Come on out and have some fun!!

    Details on sign up soon.
  3. strotter

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    Rescheduled....... October 22. Be looking for more details in the future.
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    how do I find out more about the so cal racing?
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