Nexus Vs. Sturmey Archer??

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    The next build I'm contemplating is a cruiser. I'm getting too old to be leaning over a MTB. Thinking about an internal geared hub as well. It is hard finding cruiser frames that are multi-speed, and was considering running the engine thru an internal geared hub thru a set of freewheel cranks.

    Noticed that Sturmey Archer makes an 8 speed with a drum brake, and Shimano makes the Nexus in a 7 speed with a roller brake. What is a roller brake? Is it the same thing as a drum brake?

    If I take the hub off of a single speed coaster brake bike, would either or both(sturmey archer 8 speed, or nexus 7 speed)fit in the axle spacing on a single speed cruiser?

    If you had to choose between the two which would you go with?


  2. pbeggs

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    axle spaceing on the s/a 8 speed is wider than the single speed coaster brake hub,.. but it is a relatively simple thing to pull the frame apart to fit it in (you'll need a friend ,..or a couple of ratchet type tie down straps,.. ive used both methods)

    as for the roller brake here is a review from sheldon brown,..

    i use the S/A 8 speed with drum brake and like it a lot,.. S/A makes a nice front drum brake hub as well,.. and they work well together when used with a dual pull brake lever.
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    I too have been thinking about my next build.... If I'm going to spend the money on a internal hub.... might as well spend a little extra and get the NuVinci hub with disc brake. I know, I know, the beach cruiser doesn't have disc brake tabs. I welded the tabs on the front several months ago and it is working great. I'm sure I could weld them on the rear too.

    Imagine.... Townie Beach cruiser with cushy 26x3" tires, cushy big seat, dual disc brakes, Honda 50, Nuvinci hub...... I can hear the angels singing....
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    The sram is the best 3 speed hub, very strong.
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    Thanks for the info,

    I heard the Nuvinci hub weighs 11lbs. Is this true? Rolling weight is different from stationary weight. If it is 11lbs, that is something I would never want. That is horrible. That is only one factor though. The other is cost/price. I do not like paying for new technology when it first comes out. I like to wait till they get the bugs worked out and then lower the price.

    If you want a decent deal on a nuvinci laced to a good rim.........


    I'll have to check into that SRAM internal hub. I didn't know they made one.

    Townie's are nice, an Electra Hellbilly will turn more heads.

    That is one sweet ride.
  6. Bonefish

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    Looks like SRAM makes several different ones.....................

    a 9 speed one......

    a 7 speed one......

    a 5 speed one...

    and a 3 speed one....

    the three speed looks like it doesn't have drum brake compatability but the 5 speed does at a price that is relative to Sturmey Archer and Nexus.

    That 9 speeds price is in the Nuvinci Code. But if it weighs less....................

    That maybe a better route to go for those considering Nuvinci.
  7. kawasaki999

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    the 3 speed comes with or without the coaster brake. I have one for sale without the brake.