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    Hi I am new to powerizing bike's. I just ran across MB's websight and got very excited as I have a GX35 Honda w/tiller trans.reduction dual shaft output from a Harmony110 cultivator to utilize.
    I am wondering if this seems like a perfect drop down to ride on the rear tires? I am a machinist and thought that if I extended the tine shafts with output friction hubs to ride on top of the tires this would be so very simple. All I would need to do is fabricate a pivoting mount off the three uprights to the Wide..sSeat. This Trike has a springer suspension fork, with a Schwinn drum style front brake, and I would hate to mount a motor over the nostagic front of this ride.
    My next endevor is to up the HP to use a HF Greyhound 2.5 Hp. I just purchased it for $67 using a %15 discount they now offer. This is needed to tow a sit on kyak on a dolly to the beach. I wonder how easy it would be to hide this under the seat and use an extra long 5/8 axle(extra right side shaft) on the non crank powered, left side using a torque converter CVT motor mount transmission, chain coupled. I believe Comet makes a CVT one, or would another one that is more compact be available from an offshore importer.

    Would anyone know where to look to buy an import CVT direct couple transmision?
    Nice to have found your forum.
    Keep on trike'n/mtr.bike'n

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    Welcome aboard.

    Myself, I've never owned or worked on a trike. So I don't know much about it all. But the double friction drive you described sounds work-able.

    Someone more familiar with these will come along and answer.

    good luck.
  3. Welcome aboard good to see more nh members i'm form nh to i don't know much about tirke but someone will help you love to see some pictures:helmet:
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    I have a few ideas about trikes. #1 I believe it rains in New Hampshire. If that's where you liive, it would only be a summer thing. What do you intend using it for? That's where I'd start, then we can figure out what you should build.
    Oh, welcome to MBc.