NH Stingray Build

Discussion in 'Photos & Bicycle Builds' started by 4doora, Mar 26, 2008.

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  1. 4doora

    4doora Guest

    Hello everyone,
    I received my engine kit in the mail Monday night. I have it all together and on the bike, minus the gas tank and drive chain.
    The chain that came with the kit is too short :-x. So I ordered a new one from dax... and from what I hear it will be a while before it gets shipped :(.
    I'm patient and all, but ****! I've been waiting constantly the past few weeks. Schools been going by especially slow, because I want to come home and put some more pieces of the bike together:smile:

    Sorry for the crappy picture... my room is small and my bike is large.

    Quick question to fellow stingray enthusiasts...
    Would I be able to mount V-brakes to my front forks using the holes utilized by the cruiser pegs? has anyone done this?

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  2. Zev0

    Zev0 Member

    Very sweet looking. Thanks for the pic.
  3. JunkersBikes

    JunkersBikes Guest

    Some of the Stingrays came with brakes on the front, not the V type though (more like the style of rear brake)

    One other thing you might want to look into is a cruiser style seat and a seat post those OCC seats will kill your rear end (sore butt indeed)

    looking good,
  4. SirJakesus

    SirJakesus Guest

    My XL came with front an rear linear pull brakes. Taters been looking around for ways to mount brakes on his stingray as well but i think the only way to do it is get new forks with brakes or a brake drum hub for the front wheel. Either way its kind of expensive. I would say for now try to optimize your rear brakes by buying good LARGE brake pads. I can say from experience that the front brake on a stingray can be a bit dangerous in itself. I once locked up the front wheel for an instant and the bike almost went out from under me. In any case know your bikes limits and ride within them. Don't fly down the street like a maniac because you'll either be Hudson pig-bait or find yourself in a situation where a quick stop is the only solution (collision)

    You should be able to splice the two chains together. My XL takes about 1 1/2 happytime chains to make the run to the rear sprocket. Be sure to install your chainguard if you plan on wearing any loose clothing!
  5. Alan

    Alan Member

    Nice looking ride. Like the Mini in the background too. Is it R/C ?
  6. (Hint) Lowes has that chain. :shock:

    Also,you can use a BMX chain the consensus seems to say here.
  7. 4doora

    4doora Guest

    I wish i had asked before i ordered the chain
    Do you happen to know what section of Lowes I'd find it in?

    I'd like to get a new seat for the bike, maybe something with springs.

    alan, yeah the mini is a rc, though it's pretty slow :p
  8. Patch

    Patch Guest

    How'd you do that with the muffler? I had to mount it up into my face until a fellow biker helped me weld an entirely new pipe
    Nice ride!
  9. 4doora

    4doora Guest

    my dad just took a torch to it and bent it out a little:smile:
  10. w31john

    w31john Member

  11. eltatertoto

    eltatertoto Guest

    hey 4 doora. yea, i bent my exhaust with a butane portable torch, i borrowed from my dad. but as for the front brakes, im having drums installed for 130, cause with the schwinn (look at the spokes for this) on a normal tire, the spokes cross the other spokes. with the schwinn, this is not so. with the stingray, it is laced straight, so if you installed a drum withough getting it relaced, it would mangle your wheel. so thats why getting drums installed is so expensive. my biuke shop said i need a 120 spacing. he is trying to locate a drum, withought shipping (local shops) but if you are on a budget, or like me have holes in your shoes, try doing what i did. i got 2 hose clamps, and tighetend them down with a scoket wrench. it still truns a bit, but i suppose a back brake might have a long enough stud to go through both, there by eleminating the slop mine has. by the way, i have tried mounting the lenear pulls vee brakes, whatever ya want to call em (like on the back) it will not work. i was so frusterated, i dont even want to go into detail. anyway, heres the link to the vid. i actually am using the back brake lever, and i took the pads off my back brake.

  12. 4doora

    4doora Guest

    I sure hope that's temporary...
    no offense but it doesn't look very safe

    No real updates. I got the gas tank on.
    dax said my chain should arrive some time mid-next week :-/
    Until then, I wait.
  13. 4doora

    4doora Guest

    I got a nice surprise when I came home today, My chain arrived in the mail!:grin:
    It's all mounted, now I just need to wire the kill switch and I'll be all set.

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  14. eltatertoto

    eltatertoto Guest

    sweet! yea its definately temporary, the bike guy is still looking for a hub..... as a result of having only 1/2 of my shoe gone, i am having ankle probs, so i have no choice than to use this brake.
  15. The lowes question for others that need to know the chain is found near the bottom drawer in the specialty fasteners section in Hardware. They use it for like garage door openers and such. Their sizing is a bit different,but take your chain with you and match it up. Sometimes you'll have to order it from them too for it seems this chain is widely used for something else probably garage door openers.
    Then the BMX chain I think you have to do some filing to get the sprockets to seat right.
  16. 4doora

    4doora Guest

    I finally started her up for the first time today, and took a ride around the block. Purrs like a kitten :cool:
    And I remembered to snag some decent pics too.
    Unfortunately I have to leave for work now.

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  17. spartanwrest1er

    spartanwrest1er New Member

    What kind of MPH do you guys get, and with what sized motor? thanks.
  18. Gear Dog

    Gear Dog New Member

    Nice build looks like those brakes can be secured with a piece of flat stock and a block of wood as a spacer in a pinch
  19. 4doora

    4doora Guest

    hey everyone...
    I rode my bike to work for the first time today
    everything was fine when I was zipping up and down my road to warm her up.
    on my way my choke lever kept engaging, so I had to keep stopping to disengage it. I tried making like MacGyver and stuck a piece of chewing gum to the lever, along with a twig. that worked just barely.
    after that I'm driving down 111 and just before I hit 3a the engine bogs out and dies. So i have to pedal the rest of the way. 2 miles of pedaling that beast of a bike is no picnic. I tried to start it a couple times on the way, but couldn't get her to fire up. Luckily my dad brought his pickup to get me after work
    Haven't got into the garage to troubleshoot it yet though... maybe tomorrow :-/

    on top of that my gas cap fell off somewhere on the way. I had it on slightly loose because my gas wasn't flowing as well as it should have. I might take my non-power assisted bicycle down the road to see if i can find it tomorrow.
  20. 4doora

    4doora Guest

    Good news!

    turns out my bike wouldn't start because my spark plug was just a little fouled up.
    cleaned it up and she's running again.
    I also tightened up my choke lever... no more bubble gum :grin:
    And to top it all off, I found my gas cap!

    I'm not going to take it to work until I know i have all the bugs worked out.
    I'm planning to take a nice long ride tomorrow to make sure everything is honky-dory.
    let's just hope it goes smoother than my previous "long rides"