NH Stingray Build

Hello everyone,
I received my engine kit in the mail Monday night. I have it all together and on the bike, minus the gas tank and drive chain.
The chain that came with the kit is too short :censored:. So I ordered a new one from dax... and from what I hear it will be a while before it gets shipped :(.
I'm patient and all, but ****! I've been waiting constantly the past few weeks. Schools been going by especially slow, because I want to come home and put some more pieces of the bike together:)

Sorry for the crappy picture... my room is small and my bike is large.

Quick question to fellow stingray enthusiasts...
Would I be able to mount V-brakes to my front forks using the holes utilized by the cruiser pegs? has anyone done this?


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NIce bike man! I picked up the same bike on Craigs list for only $25!! I keep thinking about putting a motor on it like yours. Right now I have a GEBE kit and its on a full suspension bike with dual disc brakes... it rides really sweet and smooth. It looks like the OCC set up would be much rougher (atleast it seems so when I am just pedeling it : )

I like your lights too... is the headlight bright enough at night?