Ni Hao from Singapura!



Hello everyone!

I am Amoz Lee and I am from Singapore. For those of you who don't know, we are a little red dot on the world map just below Malaysia. Well I am very interested in doing up a motorized bike. We do not sell these bikes in singapore. However, I do have a sister who is studying in Sydney Australia right now.. I am hoping to find a nice motor there to bring over. Well for those of you who are wondering, the issue of the legal use of motorized bikes in Singapore is pretty grey now. The LTA( land transport authority) does allow to use of these machines. But for some weird reason, the police do not want to give me a firm answer on this issue. I guess it is a pretty grey area. I am going to use this bike to go to school n work... hope to learn as much as i can before i put my precious money on it=)

i do have some mechanical background in go-karts and bicycles... i have stopped go-karting professionally due to some sponsorship problems.. i am still cycling for leisure... i own 2 mountain bikes and a road bike...

i have posted a first post regarding some questions i have.. do help me pls... thank you!
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Welcome aboard. There seems to be legal greyness about these bikes in many places. Good luck with your bike when you can actually get parts. :)


Hi Amozlee
It is a very gray area in a lot of this country also. Welcome to MBC !


Welcome. You can learn as much as you want here. It's like a library of powered bicycles, thanks to all who keep it running and all who share their experiance and intelligence to it.
"It's ALIVE!"