Nice LUGGED NSW motorized road bike f/s central florida

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    Hey everyone, i have two bikes right now, and with summer school tuition looming in the very near future, i find myself needing to part with one

    This bike i bought already built, but needing work...

    engine is the 66cc or 80 or 70 or 69 whatever you feel like calling it.

    new parts i have installed:
    new engine block head
    new plug
    new cdi
    new grips
    new clutch leaver
    new clutch cable(in mail not installed yet)
    new (rather, different) exhaust pipe
    new fuel line
    large half gallon tank

    notable specs on bike:
    Kevlar lined tires (no punctures possible*so i'm told*)
    front tire is a road bike tire for speed
    rear tire is a fat michelin cruiser tire
    front/rear brakes

    *ALSO* i do not have a kill switch installed on this bike, however if you would like i have a key system that i can include (for the right deal of course) I installed a similar key on my cruiser and its really cool (ask for pics if needed)

    bike runs great, have not had the time to adjust the carb and everything to make it idle properly, but it runs cool,

    has a huge rear sprocket so the acceleration is great and top speed isn't bad I flipped the handlebars and pushed them forward so the riding position feels/looks like an old 50's racer

    lots of fun to ride but must sell asap

    asking $220 obo again, price is OBO but i cannot justify going too low, given all of the new parts installed and that i am told the bike is worth 100$ by itself

    the cruiser is also for sale, but don't expect to get that for anything less than 375 :devilish: it is my baby and i'll sell my car b4 that bike:devilish:

    have lots more pictures, feel free to post or pm

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    Very flexible on the price guys, lets make a deal!!
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