nice pipes!

Discussion in 'Performance Mods' started by clay, Aug 19, 2009.

  1. clay

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    i got into these bikes after building a pipe for a friend. the first pipe was a complete stab in the dark as far as length and size is concerned. but it worked great on a stock motor.


    i wasn't happy with the way the first pipe looked though, i wanted it to look like a two stroke pipe, so i did some research. wow! there is a lot of math and theory involved in building one of these suckers. after a lot of reading, calculating, measuring, and welding-- here is v2


  2. Hawaii_Ed

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    Very slick!
  3. DetonatorTuning

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    is that the finished outlet ? being an end bleed configuration i would have thought it would need a bit of a stinger ?

    love the way you segmented the chamber to get it to both tuck in between the cranks AND stay up close to the BB.

    have you run it on an engine yet ?

  4. clay

    clay Member

    you can see the little stinger a little in the first pic. the motor was way too peaky with the correct size stinger, it could barely make it to the powerband, then it felt like you hit the nitrous, there was no slow cruise. that particular id and length stinger seemed to be the best compromise for the way i ride.

    i had to give my buddy his dellorto 16/16 sha back and needed some pretty heavy carburetion to keep up with the airflow requirements of this fire breathing beastie, so i figured that 2 must be better than 1. i will be building another intake for the duals soon and the carbs need a little finesse but they work about 90% as good as the dellorto. i should be able to get the final tune done tomorrow. you would not believe how nice the throttle pull is with that little 90deg cable router

  5. give me vtec

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    wow... very impressive clay. any chance you want to make me one of those pipes and dual carb dealies... I got paypal???? :tt1::tt1::tt1:
  6. clay

    clay Member

    yes there is, but your motor has to be ported to work with this pipe and carbs. for that reason i am selling everything but the bottom end. for $350 you get a new ported cylinder, modified piston, decked and reshaped head, carbs (already jetted), mild steel tuned pipe (nickel plated), and an ngk plug. turnaround is about a week and shipping to the lower 48 is 15 bucks. paypal is best for every one
  7. Mountainman

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    nice work done there !!!
    that's the kind of pipe that I was expecting to see around here before long
    looks like you got it...
    good luck with the sales
    ride those THINGS
  8. clay

    clay Member

    new manifold design, carbs tuned. the bike pulls harder and harder as the rpm's rise, the pipe sounds sweet. very rideable and very fast

  9. tacoshell4

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    your the man!
  10. Drylakerunner85

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    dude!!! this setup is bad a$$!!! im deff going to keep this on the list when my motor needs an over haul. :bowdown:
  11. Scottybotty

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    I think this is the coolest thing I've seen in this forum yet :) Keep up the good work and I'll be keeping this in mind when I have a few extra bucks burning a hole in my pocket!!!
  12. richirich1113

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    how much for just the exhaust pipe?
    my ride: mtb 29r
    58cc phantom edition motor
    jaguar cdi
    boost bottle

    I think a bad A** pipe is needed now

    Hopefully its affordable?>
  13. adrian101

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    I have a question, does having two carby's make a big difference? If so, in what way?
  14. Fabian

    Fabian Well-Known Member

    All i can say,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, is that,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,your setup,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,looks,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, absolutely fabulous
  15. jaguar

    jaguar Well-Known Member

    One larger Dellorto carb is way better than two crappy chinese carbs. Man do I ever hate those things. Horrible design with zero quality control.
    It´s an injustice to those reading this post that no mention is made of how a standard expansion chamber is terribly loud. No, it is not sweet, it is obnoxiously loud. A belly stinger and good silencer is needed for street use. Anyway the pictured pipe has too short a diffuser and too steep a baffle. Anything is better than the stock exhaust but if you are going to the trouble of making an expansion chamber then why not do it right? See my post on how to make your own pipe for this engine.
  16. Fabian

    Fabian Well-Known Member

    I really like your idea of a belly stinger.
    That's such a great way of setting up the expansion chamber for a significant reduction in noise.