Nice ride today with bummer ending

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by recumbentbill, Aug 28, 2010.

  1. Today was perfect Nice temp, clear skies, bike running good No problems at all untill I get home and into the garage. This is when I notice my tool bag is gone. My pump was just dangling along with the carpy bungee cords. I remeber hitting a few rough spots on the ride, Well ---Moral of the story is don't trust bungee cords. Cranked the car up and retraced my exact route with no tool bag sighting:icon_cry:

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    Tool bag suggestion

    I remember the old motorcycles, a popular tool bag was leather, and slung from handlebars. For added security, a boot lace was used to tie bag to
    handlebars. Typicly, the leather pouch rested on the headlight. Hot Setup was a shop rag or two to wrap tools prior to tying bag.

    In a sense, we are very retro, yet very modern, my old age [ 58 ] means I've seen some cool stuff, and its eveloution into even cooler stuff, yet I
    keep a back to basics prospective. I want a tough bike, not a fast one.
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    Ah, stuff lost to bungie cord attachments incluse 12" of 2 by 4 wood to raise my 2-legged bikestand and my raincoat. Now I keep everything inside the hydration backpack that Hawaii Ed gave me. My best "toolbag" is that "green" reuseable grocery bag selling for $1.