Nice site for eco-related mods to vehicles.

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by metal, Jul 12, 2010.

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    Being the green door and all, I thought some of you may enjoy something like this

    The forum is pretty nice, I learned a few things in there after a bit of reading. Some of these guys are getting crazy gas mileage out of standard little cars (non-hybrid), upwards of 60 and 70mpg. Not for everyone, I'm sure, but after reading here I definitely want to make a few little mods to my truck, like the flat panel right behind my front air dam (forgot what it's called). Maybe then I could get over 20mpg on the highway, ha!

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    Thanks, that's wild. I love little, special interest forums like that, brings out the innovator in everyone. The last car I owned had a forum dedicated to it and beside all the tech/how to anyone would need to repair at home the members were nuts about getting 250K miles out of their cars. Their 1st rule: never take your car to a mechanic, hehe.

    I see the ecomodder forum has a motorcycle/scooter page. Hmmmm, maybe we should join up and introduce the MB thing over there. :devilish:
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    lol... who would actually put one of those ugly duck tails on their car??

    I got something that will save you a TON of gas... ease up on the right pedal and use only enough to move with the flow of traffic.. The more you push it in, the more gas you use... its on a sensor. Coast into stop lights and signs because in any car built after 91... as long as your car is moving forwards while in gear and your foot is off the gas, you use 0 fuel. Free gas mileage!!! I figured it out in my jeep and it saves me a ton of gas everywhere I go.

    It takes a while to master the driving style but when you do... it will be obvious.
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    I figured out how to save a lot of gas ..I just don't drive my Jeeps so much..easier said than done since I always have to go for a drive every day even if I do not have any where to go
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    I visited this site..

    But I think my 1st step in saving gas.., is to not own a V6 with a good amount of horses. Let me get a 4-Cylinder or lower, then ill start "Eco-Modding"
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    Gotta love it.
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    I know the secret to saving a lot of money on gasoline.

    Never go anywhere not necessary, drive an econobox. I budget one 10 gallon tank of gas a month, and usually stretch it to 45 days.