Nice windsheild DIY



Wind sucks. This would work on the beach cruiser type bikes. I ride a mtn. bike though. I'd probably end up cutting my nose off or knocking my teeth out with one like this.

Neat idea though. Gotta love all things DIY!

Large Filipino

I beg to differ. Even when I owned my motorcycle I ran without a windshield. That wind pounding your face is great therapy for when your stressed out and you come home happier.
My bicycle does that a little now. For me,to put a windshield just takes away half the fun.


Its not so much the wind - I have no problem with that at all - unless its 50mph gust crosswinds its nice when the weather is warm

Its the part where I get a facefull of water trying to etch the skin from my face - not to mention with glasses I am practically blinded when its heavy rain...

I'd love the idea of a windshield - but not for the price some companies are selling them for..

Jemma xx