Nigerian Bank(or similar) Scam BAITING!

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  1. spunout

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    ok, we've all gotten them via email. unclaimed money, some distant relative left you in their Will, etc.
    I used to just reply with a scathing "F-U, you filthy M*****-F'rs", but now i have found a MUCH more fun way to deal with them...ScamBaiting. making the scammer waste as much precious time and resources as possible, before the scammer gives up. we've all done it a little, but these folks are PROS!
    upper right-hand corner you will see links to the Letter Archive. I read "Book Worm" and LMFAO! the ScamBaiter had the scammer read on audio file the entire Hitchhiker's Guide To the Galaxy, thinking he would be paid for it.
    Great pix in The Trophy Room, too. And the videos will be great as soon as i have sound.
    You gotta give it a look-see cuz these folks are tearin' up the 'Mugus'.
    i had to join the forum, just to post my appreciation.
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  2. I wouldnt even reply to them by email, by doing so you are supplying them with your IP Address. I am not sure what they can do with it, but I have "traced" people back to where they are by IP Address.
  3. spunout

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    there are ways to 'mask' your ip addy
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    great site! on eBay I am always gettin emails from chinese scammers, I'm going to have to try this!
  5. dbigkahunna

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    Thanks Spunout, another hobby. Simillar to my real job. Spread hate and discontent.
  6. KiDD

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    I have been doing this for sometime now. I like
    I created an gmail account just for the purpose of getting spam! Which is easy! Then you jerk them around for as long as they can stand it, and if your lucky and catch a stupid mugu, you just might get a really nice trophy!
  7. darwin

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    Hey ALL! I just won the TIMBUKTU LOTTERY but my dog died and my poor cat needs a triple bypass so Im not able to pick it up. This is where I need your send me $2000.00 and Ill let you pick up my winnings and then Ill spit it evenly with you. Easy money! Did I fprget to mention I have 2 million in winnings? Hurry up and mail me a check!
  8. KiDD

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    The fees for sending you the $2000 come to around $200, could you please send me the Funds Transfer Fee in cash so I can send you this $2000 ASAP. I can only accept cash for the fees. As soon as I get the $200 I will be able to send you the $2000

    Most mugu are smarter than this, but if your lucky you can scam the scammers!
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    "So long and thanks for all the fish..."
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    now thats too cool......nice job!!!!!! :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:
  12. kerf

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    I didn't get an email, I got a letter. Took it to the post office and talked to a supervisor, who called the local postmaster. Came back and said there was nothing they could do and they weren't interested. Made me feel good to see the U.S. Governments effort in protecting their citizens.
  13. starkm32

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    Watch out for viruses when you spam the porkers.

  14. mojoruss

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    :smile: Yep, those get rich scams are really great eh??? By my rough estimate, I've let around 1/4 of a Billion bucks pass by me without taking them up on their kind offer to make me a wealth guy.... Some outfit in London claimed to represent the Irish Lottery and offered me 230 thousand USD!!!! I sent them a reply asking for them to send me a paltry 10 grand as a show of sincerity.... Wonder how's come they never replied
  15. KiDD

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    Did you get a mugu to doctor up that large novelty check?
  16. spunout

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    no, that was done by a baiter. trying to get mugus to send me a little art work. when they see the check for $1Million, they might get on it. i havent gotten all my ducks in a row just yet. still have some fake documentation to make, and a REAL (fake) website to create. patience, is indeed a virtue.
  17. kerf

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    I still have a good supply of gasoline pills - $100.00 a bottle. Each pill turns 5 gallons of water into 6 gallons of gas.

    Email that credit card info to:

  18. Mountainman

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    I have only seen two good things come out from Nigeria our very cute little Nigerian pigmy goats !!! Happy Riding from Mountainman