nirve bike switchblade



was checking out those photos about the nirve bike anybody try to get and engine into one of these it looks possible from the photos but it looks like the engine has to fit inbetween the coaster chain some how and a front motor mount made to fit ive been looking at one and took a motor over there and to see if i could make it fit tight clearence on all fronts will the ehaust pipe clear the pedles etc looks like have to change out the fatty tire to a 24x2.125 to clear the tire for the sprocket gas tank need to be figured out probably l brakets i always hate drilling into the frome makes me nirvous but it looks like it is doable a lot of tweaking to be done any thought s was just wondering if anybody has attemped a nirve swichblade bike and is it possible thanks larry
I see you found my bike :)

That thing was an engineering nightmare, but if you want to build one, I can give you some advice about solving some of the more difficult problems. FYI, it does still have the original fat tire on the back, and the coaster brake torque arm clears the motor drive sprocket because it has an extension welded to it.
top tube gas tank

Here is the short version:

Seal it with fuel-proof epoxy at the front and back. Use the stuff at a hobby shop for building model airplanes (45 or 60 minute fuel-proof epoxy). Remove the filter screen on your fuel petcock and install an in-line fuel filter to catch any left over metal shavings from drilling holes in you top tube.

The long version:

The long version is a full article that took me an hour and a half to write. It was super detailed. Then I sneezed and accidentally kicked my computer right after I finished it, but right before I clicked "submit". That really sucked! I just finished proofreading it, too.

Next time I will just put it on my wen site and post a link. That way, I can save it as I'm working.
Nice job, looks really clean, so the end of the top bar is basically a stand alone void with sealant and hardware, thanks for clarification.

Nirve chopper

Thanks. I need to get new photos. There have been some changes. It has a front and rear fender now (front fender was fabricated by cutting an extra rear fender). Also, the copper exhaust pipe failed. I made a new exhaust that has lasted nearly a year now. It's made out of a chromed brass pipe from Ace Hardware. If you buy two of the extension s-bend pipes made for raising your shower head higher, you can cut them up and arrange them into a good exhaust pipe pattern. Then have it welded by somebody who does that stuff in your area. It requires close supervision to make sure it lines up properly, but you will get a good, strong exhaust.

And of course, 12 gauge spokes. :)

The tank has never leaked since I sealed it with fuel-proof model airplane epoxy.
Blaze I hope you get that website up with the project details, there are a lot of manufacturers with frames that have a dummy tank large enough for motor use.