nirve KILROY build



After looking at several of the newer style cruiser bikes on the market ,like the greenline army bike , the MP FELT and the Nirve Kilroy my mind is made up.

Went into town today dropped half the cost for the Nirve Kilroy, olive drab army dispatch riders bike wannabe. I think the top tube looks cool with the extra thickness to it. Bike will be in my hands next week, mortor: 80cc will get yanked out from under the Mongoose cyclecross frame with those 700 X 28 c tires I was running in favor of the traditional fatty wheels and tires.

It comes with a rigid fork but that will be gone soon too, black springer forks should handle anything (pot holes) I come across during my rides in Tucson.

can't wait to pick up my new ride and get it all motored up!
step #1
DAY #1

call DMV:

1. they will not allow me to title , register a 49cc bike!
2. they will do a 80cc motor
3. bike BUT if registered it wil not be legal to ride in BIKE lane
4. if registered I have to ride in the middle of the road
5. IF I can not keep up with traffic THEY WILL SITE YOU/ME FOR IMPEEDING
6. STATE STATUTE PROHIBITS LOCAL GOV'Ts from addopting laws to force registration license or insurance or bike under 49cc
7. 49cc can not exceed 20mph or it is consider MOTORCYCLE but you can not register it with state.
8. 80cc can be registered but you need M classification on license
9. anything with more than 5hp or can go more than 25mph is also considered motocycle.

up to 20 with one or more than 25 with the other
some body screwed up, law should have read "up to 24.5 mph" and then the next class would pick up at the 25mph, who wrote the law that way?

So if I am going 21mph, I can get ticket for speeding, no licensce, no reg. no insurance. ( and riding in bike lane, bike is impouned on the spot and if cop wants to can detain me unitl they check out my records, warrants.......

get legal go 30 in traffic and get popped for going too slow. SO FAR NO WIN SITUATION.

Burden of proof that your are not speeding is held with the driver not the city or state. ASK TORQUES, HE'LL TELL YOU

after 3 hours of calling talking and waiting I still can not get answers.

I have a 80cc so it should be cut and dry but I will not be able to use any bike lanes and must now avoid any major roads because by law I have to use center of the road. It is as if the folks that wrote the law did not check with DMV or even the laws arelady on the books in regard to SLOW MOVING VEHICICLES AZ LAW 2006 CHAPTER 292 STATUTE 28.2516

Now I see how a cop can mess with you if going over 19.5MPH on the 49cc but you can not easily TITLE a 80c because so far " A BIKE IS NOT A VEHICICLE THAT HAS A VIN # OR IS LISTED WITH THE STATE AS A MAUFACTURE OF MOTORVEHICLE"

EVEN THE FOLKS AT DMV DON'T UNDERSTAND WHY COPS OR MESSING WITH US, but if you go over 20 they can, somebody should have pushed it to 30 or at least 25 but at this time no definitive aswers to my problems.

LIMBO LIMBO will keep you posted
yeah I know but it just can't drive 19,
I just want to do things as legal as I can even if go beyond the needs called for by the law,

then when I go 20 (LEGAL SPEED) AND STILL GET PULLED OVER i CAN FLASH him id, reg, title, insurance.....if he persists then see them in court and file a suite against the individual cop and then the city ,

Sometimes we got to have back bone. I believe Torques when he say he was not speeding and yet he is in trouble with the law, so even if you do everything right some times it still aint right.


Like a said before, it goes against what most motor bike riders think but I still have to worry about me, not them. After coming home doing 52 at some points, in National park roads it made me think how easy it would have been for P.D. to really mess with me that day.

IT might set a bad example but I will not allow harrasment to occur when all I have to do is tag bike, insure so on and so on.......then if it continues WE WILL ALL KNOW THE REAL AGENDA OF OUR LOCAL TRAFFIC PATROL PERSON. I then have a case to take to the COUNTY then the STATE. CITIES also hate to be sued, I don't want money just for them to leave ALL OF US ALONE, DON'T THEY HAVE SOME ONE ON A PHONE WHILE DRIVING THEY CAN GO PULL OVER FOR WRECKLESS DRIVING SOME WHERE?!

back on topic
Bike to be delivered next wensday, ROGUE CYCLES great place down town that handles greenline, nirve and some others but all CRUISER BIKES no bmx, no road bikes, no fit bikes. great little store with real people working there.
Thanks Martha, and Mario for your help.
dude if i was you i would call roland at spooky tooth and get one of those 48cc plates that he has for sale then what can the popo say Z?