Nirve Switchblade Chopper w/ Skyhawk 66cc

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by oshiri, Mar 13, 2011.

  1. oshiri

    oshiri New Member

    I have a near mint Nirve Chopper with 66cc Skyhawk. I followed Hellbillys build last spring and made one **** of a bike. It has just under 100 miles on it with mirror, speedometer, interframe gastank, ghost sprocket, smaller sprocket for increased top speed (I forget how many teeth ask if your interested and I'll go count them lol), clamshell adapter, original 3inch rear wheel and of course the Skyhawk 66cc kit. Love absolutely love the bike but I really want a turbo on my Honda Fit and my wife only lets me have one "toy at a time"
    PM for pics info video etc.... I'm gonna try to post some pics in my profile.

    Make me an offer!

  2. OBXbiker

    OBXbiker New Member

    Im getting ready to start my first build but it wouldn't hurt to have one running to get started. i don't wanna insult you with a low offer, what price range are you thinking? I would love to see some pics.
  3. oshiri

    oshiri New Member

    The bike itself retails for 600.00 and total I have about 1000.00 in it.
    I'm willing to take less than that. Call 704-882-5123 6:00pm-9:00pm if interested or if you have questions.
    BTW I put up some pics in the gallery.