Nishiki with motor

just got her done yesterday.
going to take it to work tomarow.
that's hot. I'm going to print it and model mine after yours :). oh, and don't mock gas stations too much-it still uses gas, and oil.
had my first bike wreck in 20 years on it tuesday.
i work for a railroad just got done raning when we got off of work at 11:30 pm man are those bike tires slike on the crossing's. slipped the fron or back in between the rail and crossing ties happened to quick for me to tell. didn't have the motor engaged coasting across them. got real good road rash on my right side didnt do to much damage to bike had to put a new rear derailer on it bent the he** out of it and locked the chain between the frame and the crank. got it all fixed yesterday going to ride it again tonight to work.

latter all

Sorry to hear about that.

You'd have better results on the street if you use *street* tires. Off-road tires are for off-road. Also, it's more effective to go slow when you can see the road isn't very sturdy (e.g. - wet, sandy, gravelly, etc.).

G'luck on the rest of your journey!

sorry about that. glads you are alright. yep, I learned along time ago on skinny tire road bikes-you need to cross those tracks dead perpendicular and coasting is a good tip.