Nishiki with motor

Discussion in 'Photos & Bicycle Builds' started by kcmcf, Jun 23, 2008.

  1. kcmcf

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    just got her done yesterday.
    going to take it to work tomarow.

  2. ozzyu812

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    Be sure and point and laugh when you go by the gas stations!
  3. looks very nice good job clean build!
  4. az cra-z

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  5. pedalpower

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    that's hot. I'm going to print it and model mine after yours :). oh, and don't mock gas stations too much-it still uses gas, and oil.
  6. ozzyu812

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    Yeah, but a whole lot LESS!
  7. kcmcf

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    had my first bike wreck in 20 years on it tuesday.
    i work for a railroad just got done raning when we got off of work at 11:30 pm man are those bike tires slike on the crossing's. slipped the fron or back in between the rail and crossing ties happened to quick for me to tell. didn't have the motor engaged coasting across them. got real good road rash on my right side didnt do to much damage to bike had to put a new rear derailer on it bent the he** out of it and locked the chain between the frame and the crank. got it all fixed yesterday going to ride it again tonight to work.

    latter all

  8. sparky

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    Sorry to hear about that.

    You'd have better results on the street if you use *street* tires. Off-road tires are for off-road. Also, it's more effective to go slow when you can see the road isn't very sturdy (e.g. - wet, sandy, gravelly, etc.).

    G'luck on the rest of your journey!
  9. pedalpower

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    sorry about that. glads you are alright. yep, I learned along time ago on skinny tire road bikes-you need to cross those tracks dead perpendicular and coasting is a good tip.
  10. kcmcf

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    just got home everything went goodbut my light gen. didnt work have to look at it tomarrow.
  11. ozzyu812

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    Glad your OK. Bumps, bruises and scraps its part of the territory.
    Are you near Carhenge? Been there 2x its majestic.
  12. Mountainman

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    Yea -- the old railroad track -- not to be taken for granted -- my front wheel slipped out from under me years ago -- yes, to be ridden straight across and be EXTRA CAREFUL WHEN TRACKS ARE WET -- I have almost went down on that one... Happy Riding from - Mountainman
  13. kcmcf

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    yes i am close to carhenge just out side of town about a mile and a half.
  14. Norm

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    You should feel proud of yourself, It's so well proportioned. It looks like it was born that way.
  15. ozzyu812

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    I'm jealous!
  16. kcmcf

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    wish i had the willy's jeep pickup that is out there. but art is art!!!
  17. Gen

    How did you go with the light generator?

    I have been looking for one of those old school gen's for a while now.

    I've asked all the local bike shops if they can get them but they just look at me strange trying to remember what I am talking about.

    I have also been looking for a second hand one but have not been lucky.

    If anyone knows where you can get a new one then please let me know.


  18. kcmcf

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  19. DakotaLynx

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    Swanky! It's nice to know I'm not the only one working with a Nishiki frame. Though to be honest I have no idea how common they are, as I bought my frame second-hand off a buddy. It's a slightly smaller one though. Small dudes need small bikes.
    So how's the ride?
    Good luck with your new generator light!

  20. kcmcf

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    it rides nice i bought it secondhand also from the original owner, was built in the early
    90's, so far the gen is working fine only blew one bulb since i have built it and that saw the one it came with.