Nitrous NOS

i think that this would blow it up :devilish:

if you try it, make sure you have somebody to film you- it will be a great video for the website! :LOL:

i think we could charge a dollar to watch it to help with your hospital bills!
LOL nice idea i was actualy seeing if anyone would try it, i figured it would blow
who knows if your lucky you might make it a block wonder if it would shoot flames out the exhaust
You would want some type of fuel enrichment system to pump extra fuel into the engine when the nitrous was in use. Otherwise I think the engine would run lean.
Last yr some guy was using nitro at the salt flats to break the land speed record I never heard if he did ot or not


I saw a guy selling a motorized bicycle with nitrous on e-bay. I do not know what happened to it. I was going to bid, but at the time I thought that a motorized bicycle was a gimic. I now know it is for real.
yes it does work if you install the outlet about a quater inch from the carb intake inside the airfilter, dont put it directly in the intake infront of the carb or it will blow your motor. ive seen it on a couple bikes.
here is a bike using nos, u can see the ultraflate on the right side of the bars, with the blue tube poping out of it. i think the next bike i build ill put some on. i allready have a frame and a new motor lined up