Nitrous oxide and a Tanaka 40cc engine

Discussion in 'Rack Mounted Engines' started by shawnshank, Aug 26, 2010.

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    More harm than good.
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    If there were no significant drawbacks to extracting more power from the motor, the manufacturer would increase power output to fulfill the motor's potential. Actually, they almost certainly have done so already; Tanaka has been in this game for a long time.

    If you think Tanaka's motor is good to make more power than Tanaka thinks it is, then you go right ahead- and report back with the results.

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    Nitrous Oxide and Tanaka 40

    Is sort of like using a live rifle round as a circuit breaker.

    Forgive my candor, but being a candidate for the Darwin Awards should not be a goal.

    The desire for speed is always there, but the vehicle is a limiter...that includes jets. You can only go so fast on a bike, at which point you tempt fate in that the limits of the bike may be reached and breached.

    Moreover, you may be looking to buy another Tanaka.

    Plus, and you will antagonize others, including the local law, and make it tough on others.

    You will be safer and more in tune on a motorcycle.
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    in the case of using NO2 to get more performance from any otherwise stock engine...
    i agree.

    also agreed. i love the 40 because it's very clear that tanaka overbuilt this high-revving beauty on purpose. as mine loosens up, i prolly have about 14K on it now, i've been going for lower gears and higher r's

    and everything else you said, too.

    good bolt-on tweaks for the pf40 that DO produce and do NOT exceed the engine's limitations can be had at

    imo :cool:
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    Sometimes people push the envelope and end up with good results, sometimes with bad. Unless some one has done it and failed and can tell you why they failed, I say go for it.
    Do not rely on my words or any other......what do you think is possible? Go for that and tell us what happens.
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    I use that nos kit . I believe that it is probably harmfull to my engine but thats part of the game. Any one that races bikes or cars are always replacing parts. We like to ride hard and if a motor blows, oh well, replace it. I like performance.
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    ab-so-lute-ly the bottom line right there.
    my opinions are of course from my perspective. if i was able to afford new tanakas, i'd tell anyone else who could to "go for it." considering it's precision and stoutness, (i make downhill runs with a 12T up to 38mph, 14T/43mph...that's a lot of rpm's for a 50:1 stock crank) i think a tanaka would certainly hold up to a test-run or two with nitrous, with no ill effects.
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  9. Hive

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    Nitrous in 2 cycle

    Your motor...I assume the rides are off the street? If in traffic, you should really think about going elsewhere. Yes, my perspective, preclude mistakes and disasters.

    New, but really ancient, Golden Rule, Do no harm; bother no one!
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    Go for it, if you want to. Be sure you and your bike are up to task.

    Interesting to see if the GEBE can withstand the test. :detective:

    I have two Tanaka 47R engines and a few others , but I would not subject any of my engines to NOS.

    But that's just me.:devilish:
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    7-H' i think we both know a 40 on NO2 would way-stress a GEBE, but kick in some gas after getting some speed, i could see that being alright...but there are 2 ways to look at performace boosts...the more power i can make the more stuff i can carry, the 30mph-avg-speed parameter is fine by me. for long runs no way i'd consider nitrous. i know most are looking for the extra speed & can find it with no2, but for how long totally depends on individual-conditions.

    opinion aside, i do know for fact that a PF40, stock, except for an hp-carby, is a reliable, predictable, & long-lasting machine.