Engine Trouble No air leak and high idle

I sprayed around everything. I have found a leak in the crank seals .. both it seems. Finally got some feedback spraying them when it just warmed up.. changing them out and we will see what happens!
Weird no oil came out of the seals though... but when I sprayed it with carb cleaner at either seal it stalled the engine
I think it didn't stall before because I was holding the throttle to keep it running
more so if the crank is not very true
Wow, both seals. Could be a wobbly crank. Does the output gear seem to mesh well/consistently with the clutch ring gear? How is the magnet spinning? I have seen videos on how to fix this by squeezing the fly wheels until it runs true. Could be dicey though (and a lot of work). When replacing the seals, lube them well and be sure to get the inner lip onto the shaft without it folding back.
The crux of using carb cleaner to check for leaks around rubber seals. It causes rubber to expand when it contacts it and can swell them enough to hide a leak. This is why I am a fan of starting fluid or other methods over carb cleaner when checking rubber seals.