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  1. polly

    polly New Member

    can some one help me? i have fixed my motor and everyting is fine. i have no compression when i roll my bike froward, but when i roll it backwards there is compression. is this a problem? i did have compression when i first tried to start it but it has stopped what could it be?
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  2. bluegoatwoods

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    Let's see....when you roll your bike backwards the piston does move and compress air in the combustion chamber? But it doesn't do this when rolling forward? If that's the case, then I'd think that it's not a problem inside the cylinder itself.

    I'd start looking at the clutch.

    Sorry I can't say anything more specific right now, but I'm still trying to wrap my head around these strange symptoms.

    If you were to get on your bike and pedal it right now, would that piston be going up and down or would that engine be completely inert?
  3. polly

    polly New Member

    when i pedal nothing at all. when i roll it backwards the piston starts to pump?????
  4. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member


    this is not seen often -- to say the least

    can you tell us more ??

  5. Pablo

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    Does sound like clutch slippage - what engine are we talking about?
  6. polly

    polly New Member

    i have a 48cc brought from motawizza. that is all i know about it. as i said when i roll the bike forward there is no compression and the piston does not pump. i have diconnectd the clutch and re adjusted it , but still nothing. i will call the supplier today
  7. polly

    polly New Member

    my bike is up and running...went for my first ride on the weekend (didn't want to get off).was riding along the bike path doing about 20- 30 kmph (running it in) and some dirty rotten C... spat in my face. was not able to follow him as motor has not been run in and did not want to blow it up on it's first time out. i am going back this weekend to hopefully see him again and kick him off his bike and throw it in the creek. was having so much fun it ruined at great ride.
  8. biken stins

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    Glad you got it going.
    What was wrong ?
    Hope your next ride goes better.
    Would not recomend assult. Dog spray works well on all dogs. Be sure to get any parts you need before deep sixing the bike. Did it have a good lighting system ?
    Or let it pass and enjoy the riding, much better way to spend a day.
  9. fetor56

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    Now that your mobile keep a watch for cops & when u see any peddle.
    Vic cops are not noted for their..........................................anything.
  10. Mountainman

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    must be someTHING about that getting older age ???

    assults used to come along pretty easy
    and in the early days with not much in the way of consequences
    then noticed later in life -- can be a fast ticket to jail

    my cousin and I were out riding our MBs the other day
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    he's been away for many years vacation -- in not perferred place -- if you know what I mean
    some older guy in a convertible cut my cousin right off
    yes my cousin hollered at him
    then the old guy pulled in front of us
    slammed on his brakes
    and wanted to fight
    I told the old guy to get a clue on what's really happening
    told my cousin let's get the heck out of here
    yes -- I will admit -- we ran away on our bikes like sissies

    my cousin could have killed that old guy with one punch
    yes -- and then for sure -- spend the rest of his life in prison

    where they have no motor bike THINGS ---------------- MM
  11. polly

    polly New Member

    thanks for all the advice guys.

    just needed a bit of tinkering to the clutch and to some of the wires