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    I just bought a friction drive bike. This is my first friction drive although I have built. Several in frame 2 strokes. The kit was a road bug with a 35 cc Honda. For the most part I am very pleased with the friction drive but I have a observation of mine I would like to run by more experience friction drive riders.

    I had rotated the tire on the bike and when I did I replaced the rear tube with a Walmart no flat solid tube, I bet the tire did not get 15 to 20 miles when it showed substantial wear. I also felt that the roller wasn't making good contact. I tried different pressure position but it just did not have the same performance that t was getting when I had a regular tube in the tire. I have since changed the tube back and feel that I am getting better performance. Later I replaced the tire with a similar tire and it is wearing much better.

    Had any other friction bike ride tried the solid tube, if so what experience did they have with them on the drive wheel.

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    Thanks I saw that thread. It was interesting but appeared to address the ride and flat aspects of the tube. I put them on my bike for the flat protection, which I am sure it does well. As far as installing it was not that difficult and the ride although different was not bad. The problem was it is on a back drive wheel on a friction drive bike. I mean the tire wore down in nothing flat and the pulling power was terrible, I,tried different roller pressures but did not make much difference. I was wondering if other friction rider had any experience with those no flat tubes. I would like to keep it but not if what I experience is the norm.

    Thanks. Mike
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    I put the solid tube back in on the rear tire. It is doing much better. Sure do like not worrying about flats. So far the tire is hold up much better than the first tire. Mike