No Gas In Fuel Line and Lots of Vibration

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    I have a Grubee Gen II Engine with the Special Flange Mount Carburetor that mounts direct to the cylinder head. It runs but I can't understand why when I shut it off there is no gas in the transperent fuel line. It is also has excessive vibration which I can't seem to cure with adjustments. Be aware with this new carburetor mounting location the clutch cable stop hole in the case is right behind the fuel bowl of the carburetor and doesn't allow a good line for the cable to the clutch arm. Some more of that great engineering. Any help with these situations would be appreciated.


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    I just had a problem with no gas in my fuel line, after installing a cns carb. I checked flow from the tank and fuel filter. Best way to do that is pull the line off the carb, with gas cap on see how well it flows from the tank and through the fuel filter. In my case that was fine. Which left the carb, pulled it apart to check the float or any obstructions. No obstructions here, it was the float. They actually had the clip that attaches the float to the carb on upside down so the tab never hit the shutoff. Which caused the carb to flood, so no fuel would flow from the tank.

    Recap on possibilities, tank "gas cap venting?", fuel filter "clogged?" or carb "obstructions or float not set properly?".
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