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  1. metalzombievi

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    hay everyone, so it appears that i suck at measuring things because the motor kit i bought wont exactly fit in the bicycle frame i have.
    the bottom tube is too fat for the stock mounts, and when i put on the extended mount the top of the engine wont fit under the top frame tube.
    is it possable to maybe bend in the bottom tube a little bit on both sides so the stock mount will work?
    should i drill/tap a new home in the bottom of the motor by the original mount screw hole?
    i dont have the money to buy another nee bicycle so im not doing that. im also trying to not return the kit because itll just cost me more money than i will get back. i havent used the motor yet, just tried to fit it on the frame and now im stuck lol.
    any input is helpfull

  2. jaguar

    jaguar Well-Known Member

    necesity is indeed the mother of invention
  3. darwin

    darwin Well-Known Member

    Any pics of the V? Guys here have done it all, help ya better if they have a clue about the spaces/frame shape.
  4. metalzombievi

    metalzombievi Member

    image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg

    i hope those 3 pictures work and show whats needed. im doing this off of my phone. i know i can change the direction the spark plug is faceing so thats no problem, i did it earlier to see if that would work but with the wider mount on the top of the motor touched the upper tube. i just put it back incase i end up returning it
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  5. patina

    patina New Member

    cut the bolts a bit, enough to clear sides of tube, not too much so you can still fasten them to a plate. bolt plate through centre of tube. might be a terrible idea...not sure. tricky.
  6. crassius

    crassius Well-Known Member

    I've done some like that, but don't recommend it - needs to have rear mount cut down and mods to front of motor or a couple dimples hammered into frame to clear standard stud width (and maybe longer studs) - after turning head, carb will also have to have a strange mounting out to the side.

    Better to just get a bike that fits the motor.
  7. metalzombievi

    metalzombievi Member

    if i were to dent in the bottom tube, would it mess with the overall strength of the tube and bike?
  8. patina

    patina New Member

    similar issue I had maybe, with room to play I fashioned spacers so no cut bolts. still don't know if it is considered a terrible idea or not...but hasn't been an issue for 4 years riding daily with off-roading good times.

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  9. metalzombievi

    metalzombievi Member

    if i put a plate in the same spot that you did, the top of the motor wouldnt fit in the frame
  10. patina

    patina New Member

    hhmmm...might need to trade in for a bigger frame. looks like a nice bike.
  11. bluegoatwoods

    bluegoatwoods Well-Known Member

    I would definitely not, repeat not, recommend bending, crimping the frame. I would not recommend drilling through it either.

    Some folks have gotten away with it. Our pal patina, above, seems to be one of them. And my hat's off to him.

    But that sort of thing is a bad risk. The bike'll take enough of a beating with a motor on it. I'd do anything you can to avoid compromising the strength of your frame.

    So........that's not a lot of help, is it? Hmmm.........What will actually help you get on the road?

    A different bike is your cheapest way out of this. For that matter, it doesn't have to cost anything. People throw them away all the time.
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  12. metalzombievi

    metalzombievi Member

    any one have ideas on how to make it work? the bikes too new to just get another one and i like it. i also want to use it to get to/from college this fall. ive heard about doing a new hole drill/tap it then just move over the original screw so it will clear the frame. the motor might fit that way. but im not too sure about that since one hole would be off center and i think the other screw would need to be moved over too. that way both clear the frame and itll still ride in the center.
    idont know if hammering the frame will make it weaker or not but its not like
    i plan on going at high speed off any jumps, maybe some dirt fire roads but nothing exciting. so i dont think it will realy mater
  13. Large Filipino

    Large Filipino New Member

    Expand your mind Grasshopper lol Front Mount.jpg
  14. crassius

    crassius Well-Known Member

    I usually get an old wrist pin, hold it against the frame, and smack it with a hammer just enough to get the studs past the frame - doubt it weakens the frame any, but if all you want is transportation, sell it & buy a $20 junker - after fitting the motor to this frame, you'll still have a lot of work to do to make the carb & all else fit.
  15. Large Filipino

    Large Filipino New Member

    Since your tube is fat enough refer to my pic above but instead of using a plate like that,your muffler clamp should be wide enough to drill two holes right on the clamp to slide in two bolts to your engine first. Then you attach the u bolt thru and tighten down.
  16. Large Filipino

    Large Filipino New Member

    This is a crude photoshop but you get the idea.
    Get an oversized clamp so the bolts will clear and tighten down.
    Then maybe even wrap the frame with an old tire tube so it will tighten down.
  17. dougsr.874

    dougsr.874 Active Member

    Some bikes are not to be motorized
  18. metalzombievi

    metalzombievi Member

    thanks for all the input, if i were to put clamps to make it fit, the top of the motor will touch the frame if the original engine mount isnt used. like if the engine Umiunt isnt on both of the frame tubes the top of the engine will not clear the top frame tube.
    i think my aunt has a bike frame thatll work and she hasnt touched it in atleast a year and a half so i dont think she even knowes she has it. it isnt a mtn bike frame like i wanted, but its still a bicycle that i could get working
  19. Purple Haze

    Purple Haze Active Member

    Have you tried removing the studs to see if it fits? The studs may go back on after the engine is flush with the frame.
  20. metalzombievi

    metalzombievi Member

    the studs keep the engine from touching the frame