NO MOR FLAT Solid Inner Tubes lots of experience

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Flattracker, Dec 5, 2009.

  1. Flattracker

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    :whistling:If anyone wants to know, I love my No-Mor-Flat solid tubes. Thet're tough to get used to if you like to pedal your bicycle a lot. It takes more power to pedal them. But hey, you've got an engine! If you want to make the long haul and be invincible to flats:whistling, then they cant be beat! I found them after a 260 mile round trip up interstate 35. Within the last 35miles from home I had 7 flats! I actually consumed a tube patch kit! Fooling around on the side of the highway repairing a flat every few miles aint for me. Been there done that LOL!

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    I have one on the front wheel of my townie.

    I love it.
  3. jlebh1

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    does anyone know if you can get these in 20x4.125?
  4. Flattracker

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    Largest size

    The largest size they come in is 26x2.125
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    shame oh well

    I needed one for my occ style motorized chopper cause I keep getting flats, ill have a look locally.
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    Hey there flattracker.

    Just curious, how do yours affect handling? I put one in my back tire after getting three flats in three days. (turned out the tire had a tiny piece of staple in it that only protruded with the tire inflated and rolling....kinda wore through the tube) Anyway, my; bike handled too squirrelly to be able to ride. This was in the winter, so that may have been a factor, but I got the feeling that the rear tire was all over the place.
  7. Flattracker

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    Just curious, how do yours affect handling?

    It takes a little time to get used to the movement.
    On my wheels I use 26x2.125 tires.

    I dont have these in my new bikes tires yet. On the rear of my Next brand regular bicycle they feel kind of mushy at first because of the weight, narrow rims and the cross section of the tube.

    They're egg shaped in cross section, with the small end seated in the rim. On narrow rims in the back there is some side to side motion when hard cornering. On the front even on narrow rims, you cant feel any difference from an aired tube.

    On my wide, steel 26x2.5 rear Wheelmaster rim, they feels no different from an aired tube and no movement.

    The wider the rim the more stable they will ride. I may not use them on my new build because of the narrow rims. You cant have it all!