No more Grubee Skyhawk kits?

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    I did a lot research before deciding on a kit to buy and it seems like Skyhawk is the best way to go. So I then searched on google to find a Skyhawk kit and all the online stores are out of stock on these kits or they have been discontinued. Don't they make them anymore? I was really looking forward to buying one of these kits. Are there any kits whose motors and parts are comparable to Grubee Skyhawk kits? If so, which kits are they and which online store would you recommend?

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  2. KCvale

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    2015 EPA Skyhawks are on their way.

    Do you remember the government shutdown a couple years back?

    The EPA pretty much shut down so no EPA approval of the Yaun Dong factory's 5G 66cc 2-stroke engines which are distributed through China Gas to Wholesalers and Distributers in the US as Grubee Skyhawks.

    And now this year with the long dock workers strike, and just when that was finally resolved the truckers that move the containers are on strike, getting things here from there is slow going.

    Don Grube has a cargo container stuffed full of 2015 EPA Skyhawk stuff on a literal 'Slow Boat from China' headed for his warehouse in the Midwest.
    I know this because Don and I are friends and I have a pallet of parts in the container that are mine.

    They will be available here in the US when workers whose job is to move it do their job.
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    Ahh ok. That explains it. Thanks for the info. I'll keep an eye out for those kits.
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    yeah, my kits are still about 4 weeks out too
  5. KCvale

    KCvale Motorized Bicycle Vendor should be one of the first places to get the new 2015 EPA Skyhawk 2-strokes.

    You won't find any legitimate Grubee or Skyhawk parts on gasbike or kings, China Gas revoked their buying privilege for, umm, suffice it so say 'unscrupulous practices'.
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    Gasbike has the best price bar none on the HS 142f and the HS 38cc. 4stroke heaven there for us elites even if the warranty lacks any support. 4 strokes is always better than 2 strokes.