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Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by tskrem, Jun 26, 2010.

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    my motor is about a year old, and i have been riding it around without the motor being able to idle. well today i put on my mates steel intake that he had spare and i then adjusted the 'L' bracket on the throttle. then my motor idled without me giving it throttle for the first time. i was then reving the motor and it had a lot more power then it previously had. i let it sit and idle for a minute then revved it back up. when i released the throttle it when back to high revs by itself. i then killed the motor by the kill button and the screw on the carburetor where the throttle cable sits in popped open and smoke came out???:ack2: then i tried to start the motor and it wouldn't. i let it rest for 10 minutes and it started. however will not idle anymore? why is this? if anyone knows please help :D thanks.

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    What 'L' bracket?

    Hard to tell what's going on, from your description.

    So the cable adjuster came unscrewed, (or was it the top cap of the carb?), and smoke came out, while the engine wasn't running?

    Please clarify a little, if you don't mind.
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    the L' bracket... sorry lol. you know were u can adjust the throttle from the handle bars were its silver and has bolts... very similar to these.
    it was the top of the carb and yes the motor was of and it was smoking.

    sorry i don't know the names of all the parts :S
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    From the sound of it, there are two separate problems.

    I assume that you've adjusted the idle speed screw in to increase the idle? Have you?
    (It's the screw on the LHS of the carb.)

    You didn't mention engine type, so I'm assuming this is a HT engine with standard NT carb. Is it?

    The fact that everything changed when you changed intake tubes indicates that you might have an air leak.

    Dunno about the smoke coming out from above the slide. Might have back-fired. That would explain the top cap popping off, (if it was already almost off), and the smoke.
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    thanks.. i messed around with it today and it idles.. yeah i have a HT and the stock carb. thanks for your help :D
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    No worries. Glad it's working OK.