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    A few days ago Whizzer USA announced the removal of motor kits from their price list. At that time myself & one other Whizzer dealer purchased the remaining inventory of kits from Whizzer USA. Because Whizzer is selling so many new motorbikes they just can't spare the motors for kits. Because they are no longer available it seems everybody now wants them , [just human nature I guess]. I have received approx 30 calls in the last few days looking for the motor kits, while it is true I still have ONE left, I am in no hurry to sell it. I am sure there are Whizzer dealers somewhere in America that have engine kits in stock, I just don't know which ones. If you are a dealer and have kits, contact me and I will refer potential buyers to you. There is even a possibility that some Whizzer dealers might even have the earlier WC-1 motor kit, which can be converted to the NE motor setup.
    Good luck,

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    Ah nuts... I was thinking getting one in the spring. Oh well.

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    :mad::mad::mad:I think they just shot themselves in the foot... I can't afford or justify buying a complete bike to strip it for the engine and related components, then try to make something back on the leftover carcass. I have a lot more to say, but I will leave it at that. Oh and I guess I have to go back to using Briggs engines, and weed whacker engines now. They just placed GEBE in the number one slot- I hope they realize this.:-x:-x:-x
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    I asked Santa for one, I hope he can at least still get them. LOL. What a bummer, I don't need the whole bike. Have fun, Dave
  5. Bummer!!!
    Oh well, I hope that leaves the door open for something better in the future. You never know...or they might change their mind next year.
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    it feels better if you call them "utility" engines ;)

    i can divulge now that there was an MBc think-tank that had contacted whizzer about a Whizzer-Lite. the initial response was mixed, and obviously the higher-ups have balked.

    it also looks as if they have over-reacted, going so far as to cut off the fabricators and builders, people who've stood by Whizzer loyally for decades <---that's all i need to know about the company-leaders :puke::puke:

    too bad about the whizzer philosophy...IMO, they've just firmly, and perhaps permanently, implanted themselves in the "novelty" about 'living in the past'...oh well, a 48cc Whizzer would have rocked the world :roll:

    this country used to be known for it's risk-taking and fearless development of controversial ideas...

    ok, what's "Plan-B" ?

    "....Get a bicycle. You will not regret it. If you live." - Mark Twain - May 10, 1884
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    Unfortunately for us and the rest of the world there is no "Plan-b" at the moment,but who knows what's going to happen down the track(particularly with Gas/Petrol price increases and availability)
    The Chinese are one of the VERY FEW manufacturers that are prepared to take any risk(risk=liability) in producing these small engines that are purpose-built for bicycles.....personally i think they don't give a rats if their sued but that's a good thing.
    2008 is here soon,Dax's 4-stroke will be on the market.Let's hope people in power take notice and were flooded with choice......let's hope.
    Whizzer are riding on the crest of a wave right now but nothing lasts forever....stratigies change as sales change.
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    I think there is a large market out there for a econ-o type kit. One thing I think would be fun would be a kit that would incorporate the inners from something like a small B&S. I'm talking about a set of castings machined ready to assemble. It could incorporate a clutch from one of the happy time engines, and some of the shafts. It would be best if it were one of the engines in every garage. Have fun, Dave
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    amen brothers!! long live free enterprise & the american way! we are the future & are leading the way, pay attention world!
  10. Lack of Whizzer kits

    Hi gang, (we are a bike gang, right?), it would be a help to me if we could get an honest rasing of hands, as to who might want to buy Whizzer engine kits. There MAY be some coming available, but I'd really like a bit of a market survey to get a feel for what the desire really is.

    It IS absoultely true that Whizzer USA has announced ceasing the kits. But I have some ideas.

  11. gone_fishin

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    rumors and subterfuge screw things like this up...and we sure are collecting a bit of both when it comes to the issue. the whizzer "industry" seems to be trying it's own version of the happy-time shell-game.

    i won't allow the MBc Community to be manipulated for individual gain...i will be contacting Whizzer in MBc's name after the holidays, you may all take that to the bank.
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    Pick me. Pick me. lol
    I'll take one.


    P.S. I should have read augidog's post before I posted. That being said, I still want one as I said in my first post in this thread. I hope I did not break any forum rules. Maybe I don't quite understand augidog's post.
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    As an authorized Whizzer dealer I was notified on December 12, 2007, and a few days later I received the written notice. In the Whizzer USA letter to dealers dated December 12, 2007 under the title of "Discontinued Items" was the following comment

    "NE Engine Kits (WMKNE and WMKNE-AUTO)- Due to the required parts stock needed for the production of our bikes, we are discontinuing the sale of "engine kits." This change will not effect most of our dealers but for those of you it does effect, we sincerely apologize for this inconvenience."

    I am not sure why, but a lot of people have contacted me about Whizzer's decision to drop the motor kits from their product line, and I have passed on the concerns to Whizzer USA. At the moment I don't see any change in policy, but who knows. I was told there are still a few kits in dealers inventories, but I don't know which dealears have them. I purchased several motors & motor kits as soon as I heard the news, sadly all sold right away. I still have one kit and one motor on hold, but if either become available I will let everyone know. As far as I know the motors & associated parts are available, just not in kit form.
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  14. gone_fishin

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    oops...quenton: i know your info isn't a rumor, but i am privy to a few that have yet to be proven or disproven, and i let my emotions get the better of cryptic posts are best understood by those they were directed at, both members and lurkers. my apologies to anyone (else) who misinterpreted.
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    **** i was going to see if i could get a kit and have it posted to the uk.wanted to put one in a 1920s french motobecane rolling chassis.
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  17. RdKryton

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    These kits are being cobbled together by the original manufacture of the late model Whizzer Motor Bike in Taiwan. (1999 to 2008) They have many substandard components including but not limited to the cylinders and heads. This is why they are not available from Whizzer USA. It would not surprise me if some of the components are actually repaired defective factory returns but I do not know this to be a fact. The good Whizzer engines are no more. The newest models like the Ambassador and the NE-R have engines that are just junk. I'm not saying you cant get one that will work well but.... Remember even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while so anythings is possible. That being said I would run away from this kit.
    Just my opinion.


    PS Don't get me wrong, I have a Whizzer and I love it but the parts that make them good are getting very hard to find.
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    Alas......It seems that all great things are dying away.
    I wonder.....with the right equipment, a new breed of bike could come on the market. Better and more reliable than any Whizzer ever built (no disrespect intended towards the Whizzer). But at what cost?
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    Awh Crapp

    Ya Want a Whizz Banger.. No problem There where a 1/4 million made In the 60's. and Tripod Whizzer has them all complete Serviced and ready to Go.. $850.00.. Done deal
    Helmutt Says So it is true

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  20. Here is where the kits have been hiding......

    This is the response I got from an inquirey to WC1 on ebay.....

    Dear Sirs,

    For your information, I have made a prototype of a new manual clutch. This clutch will be very light and easy to handle by L/H lever. This clutch will isolate the transmission from engine to rear wheel complete without any friction of the belts between engine to clutch and clutch to rear sheave, when the clutch is gauged out by L/H lever. It transmits full engine RPM and power to rear wheel without any loss and slip from the belts between engine to clutch and clutch to rear sheave. It is much reliable than the original manual clutch and centrifugal auto clutch. I think this will be the best transmission solution of the Whizzer motorbikes. I have put the prototype on the old Whizzer for testing. If you are interested in this part, we will post you the further information continuously.

    Best regards,
    Joe Lin
    The Whizzer Industry Co., Ltd.
    Tel: +886-933 164 117

    Sounds like Joe may have been paying attention to my complaints about the Whizzer clutch. I can't wait to see what solution he has discovered.
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