No Muffler, Losing Power With it

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by schwinchopper, May 25, 2007.

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  1. I began riding the bike with the muffler on but after about 5 miles during the break in it wobbled and fell off. I have since had trouble keeping it attached and when it is attached I have found that the speed is increadibly slow (5-10)mph like it is being severely restricted. I have been riding without the muffler now for about 10-20 mi and have read about the possible damage. Is there any way I can rig my muffler up to give it power? Now I sound like a harley coming down the street!

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    That must be one sick Hardley if that's what it sounds like. :lol: Your neighbors must love that!

    You may remove the baffle and re mount the pipe. (is the baffle screwed up and blocking the pipe?) Where did it break or come apart?

    You can also add a "can" to it if you find one at a moped/scooter shop. They just clamp on the header pipe.
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    If your muffler is causing that much of a slowdown it must be plugged. If its old, soak it in gas to clean it out .... Dont use formula 420.....heh
    If you need a muff to test i have some knock off bunk muffs i give away...
  4. More power requires a properly made / designed tuned pipe....Power and sound! (if run minus the silencer)...

  5. Oops....2 cycle engines do run worse w/o a muffler or some restriction until top end is hit...then often muffler less is more powerful
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    yes i did no muff like no pipe at all flamege and greaey smoke yum
    but when top end kiks in you just go but very bad for piston