no muffler


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10:34 AM
Nov 6, 2008
I was riding to class and my muffler fell off. I have a 1.5 mile ride home up some hills can I run my motor without the muffler?
I'm guessing you've already made a decision by now, but yes you can ride it home without the muffler. You will need to get it fixed before riding any more though. Because the 2-strokes use back pressure from the exhaust to run properly, it could possibly cause damage if you continue to drive it like that.

Mine came off when I got to work one day and I drove it home that afternoon which is 3 miles away. It was really loud and had a lot more power. If it wouldn't hurt the motor I would just buy some ear plugs and take it off. :D
I no its very tempting to leave it off! the noise and power is addictive!!
But the engine will be running extremely lean and the engine will break a lottttt sooner, you should replace it before you ride it again. If you really need to ride it then try this:
it lasted about 10 miles though, perhaps a steel can would be better.

the baffle tip often tends to vibrate off. Yes you can run the motor without it. But you could possibly shorten the life of your motor if you run it too much. You will noticeably gain power and obviously loudness. The motor needs a certain amount of back pressure and it is bad to have the motor cool off so quickly (without the baffle this happens) since it is basically a straight pipe. You could even run it without the whole exhaust pipe if you add extra oil in your mix and lightly cover the outside with oil but I highly do NOT recommend that. LOL.
I know this because I am a perfect example of this situation. One day my baffle vibrated off. I couldn't find it so instead of buying another exhaust and all, I just rode without it. I was riding quite a long time actually without the baffle. I had the motor for 5 months. I rode it for like 3 months with the baffle and then 2 without. Then one day the whole motor just stopped and I almost ate the ****. What happened is the link bearings broke and one even worked its way up to the piston and scratched the circular wall and made the whole thing come to a halt. Sounds like a factory problem to me, but just to let you know I rode it for a long time without the baffle and really no problem. But like I said, it will cool down much quicker without it which can harm the engine. So once in a while is ok, but not always. At least I wouldn't...