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    I have no opinion about anything anyone rides.I ride a 80/66 cc and have better things to do than complain.And I will only respond to my friends I know and deal with.I wish to not be In dramatic forums so please keep me out of It and could care less.Sorry I feel like this.But,I been visiting here since 2007 and noticed In the last year most forums are about arguing or false slandering of others who are In the right.And When It comes to people debating about engines and engine frame set ups and brands.I noticed people start to get crude and Insult each other.You ride what you ride And I will ride what I ride.And we will get along fine.
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    BTW,I have no problem with different opinions,debates, or different style and makes of rides.I have a problem with stupidity and cursing and will Iggy anyone who crosses the line with me.