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  1. ok im my happy time im not getting full power even with the clutch engaged
    it has no rev i checked throttle and i tore the carb down and cleaned and adusted the jet ohh and a regapped the plug and that wasnt it what could be the problem

  2. AussieSteve

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    Was it previously working properly, or have you just built it?

    If you mean with the clutch pulled in, that's disengaged

    What do you mean by 'adjusted the jet'? Do you mean that you changed the slide needle height setting?

    You said you re-gapped the plug. What was the previous gap and what is it set at now? Also what plug are you using? Did you try a new plug? NGK B6HS is best.

    I forgot to ask - what colour is the plug?
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  3. Im running a Ngk b6hs yes i did adjust the needle and it was gapped at .028
    and ive used it before i think im gonna get a new carb
  4. AussieSteve

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    Don't buy a new carb. If nothing is physically broken on the old one, it won't be hard to sort out. Most likely there's a bit of c r a p somewhere in the carb, upsetting things.

    Again, did you try a new spark plug? Do this, it's probably the most common cause of problems in 2-strokes. A plug is cheap.
    Try a 24thou gap, 28 is a bit wide.

    Also, what colour is the plug? ie Black and oily, tan, grey, white

    And set the slide needle back where it used to be, for now.
  5. ok ill get a new plug and i cleaned the carb i might drill the jet out and see what happens
  6. KCvale

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    Check the wires to your CDI.
    It may even be the CDI or Plug Cap.
    Crappy spark starts long before the plug, and thats what it sounds like to me if you went through everything else.
  7. motorpsycho

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    you do realize that if you drill the jet out, you will make it run richer than it is now right?
    making the hole in the jet a tiny bit bigger with give a huge change to the air/fuel mixture. when it comes to jets, a tiny bit bigger or smaller hole, will make a huge change.
  8. AussieSteve

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    Yep, don't drill the jet out. Why???
    I suspect that you might have to go the other way and, as motorpsycho says, even 0.001" larger will make a fair difference.
    Whack in a new plug and let us know how you go. Report the plug colour when you do.
  9. well i think i found out the source of my problem
    i came to find out that my head stud holes was stripped
    i sent it to my uncle to get heli coiled
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