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    i had a motorcycle mechanic try to get my bike going he did but he put gas ratio at 50 to 1 and i think he tporqued it down to much has no power at all! do the pros think?

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    50:1 is not enough oil in my opinion , there are many things that can cause power loss , most common I've come across is piston ring or cylinder damage from not enough oil (hopefully not the case here )

    Open the casings and check your crank seals , take off the exhaust and see if you can blow through it , remove carb and check for dirt and also check you have a good spark
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    if it is new, you might have to wait for it to run in a bit
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    I think (from experience) having a bit more oil than 50:1 is good for these engines.
    With conventional lubes I got best results with 32:1
    More oil fouled the plug and dripped from the exhaust.
    Less oil didn't seal the ring as well. I did test from 16:1 to 40:1 with both synthetic and conventional.
    Currently I am using castor oil (NOT "Castrol"!) at 24:1 with great results for wear and power.

    Torqued it down too much? Did he use a torque wrench? If he did it is less likely.
    Buy a torque wrench and learn to do it yourself and BE SURE.
    Remember, you are tightening into aluminum, not steel. Less torque is needed.

    Listen to Crassius. Experience is golden. Read past posts, especially his.

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