No rear engine mount! Help!

Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by taylormade93, Dec 22, 2014.

  1. taylormade93

    taylormade93 New Member

    Hi Guys,

    Bought the bike pre - built off somebody two days ago and have now been told that it is missing the rear engine mount.

    There are no studs or clamps and as far as I can tell the studs are not snapped off in the holes.

    I have been searching this forum and youtube to no avail on a way to fix this.

    I am hoping that I can simply screw two bolt into the holes and then attach a clamp, and do all this without having to remove the engine from the bike.

    Any help would be great.


  2. liamo79

    liamo79 New Member

    Pictures would help
  3. taylormade93

    taylormade93 New Member

    Not sure why pictures would help but I will upload some anyways.

    It's the standard rear engine mount that would come on most bikes. I just want to know if I can install the mount without taking the engine off or a simple easy way to do it.

  4. liamo79

    liamo79 New Member

    As long as you have enough room to work with, to me it looks like your missing clamp that sits on engine then onto back bar, then clamp the other side ,
  5. taylormade93

    taylormade93 New Member

    So I need to get a clam that connects to the engine, then put two bolts through the wholes (can I had thread them? or nah?) then the two clamp pieces to put on the frame? Correct?
  6. taylormade93

    taylormade93 New Member

    My dad has a spare one of these engines, is it easy enough to take the bolts out of the other engine?

    Is the bike safe to ride short distances with only the front engine mount?

  7. liamo79

    liamo79 New Member

    What's your email and ill send on photos later if you want, I'm away from bike but will be back later on
  8. taylormade93

    taylormade93 New Member

    Sent you a private message containing my email address. Cheers mate!