No spark mystery after new cdi magneto,plug and test



Have new 2-stroke King 50cc Limited ed Chinese. Motor ran from start for 5 mins. Died. No spark, found broken ground wire (black wire solder joint at magneto.) Happily soldered broken connection. Zrooom, started right up ran a while and I shut it down. Next attempt. Dead, no spark. How do I know? I wrapped my hand around the plug, leaning my hand on engine...and pushed the bike turning engine. No spark. I bought a new CDI and magneto. Replaced one at a spark, hand grasping plug barefoot in the rain pushing bike clutch/engine engaged. No spark, not a tingle. Tried another plug. Nothing. Cheched for clearance at card fits in between. Checked resistance in components. All read similar:
Magneto blu to grnd 359. wht to plug 2.3 blu to wht 360.
CDI: blu to blk, .584 blk to plug, 2.4 Blu to plug, 0.
0 resistance in plug wire which is the only piece not replaced.
What could it be? What am I missing. Any direction would be gratefully accepted.
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Throw away your kill switch. Your kill switch may have burned out your new magneto.
Try swapping out your spark plug wire. It just screws off the coil.
yeah don't hook up the kill switch just kill the engine by letting out your clutch while stopped or put an after market kill switch on the 2 blue wires. The kill switch can burn out the magneto.
But what do you do if your clutch snaps??? how do you stop the engine?

same as what im doing until i get off me butt and make a new lever... brakes :)

yes, my clutch arm went the way of your muffler...who knows? didnt see it on my way home.
actually, stopping is the easy part, starting is the problem...

anyway. fixed it with a drill-bit and an old v-brake arm :) best clutch action ever...

this is a lil off topic, isnt it?

um, replaced everything, n the resistances seem to sound ok... so.

the magnet/rotor on the shaft? slipping and or dead magnets

n just pull everything off again, clean...ensure good earths etc...
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